Do you live near a CAFO? The Center for Food Safety wants to know!

February 4th, 2009 1:23 pm by Kelly Garbato

Via the Center for Food Safety:

Are you concerned about Factory Farms? Do you live near a Factory Farm, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFOs)? Are you concerned about the animal waste at animal feeding operations such as those located near your home? Did you know they commonly generate toxic gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide? Are you concerned about the negative impact that such toxic releases may have on your health and that of your family? Do you ever smell odors? Suffer health effects? Are you concerned about the farmer workers’ exposures while working in CAFOs? Do you think these agricultural operations should have to supply regulators and emergency state and local responders with their pollution information?

The Center for Food Safety has just become a party to an important lawsuit challenging a midnight rule change by the outgoing Bush Administration exempting CAFOs from our pollution laws. CFS needs your help!

Please respond ASAP to the True Food Network if you are interested in this issue and want to help in this important case. We need TFN members that:

* Live within a few miles of a CAFO or more than one, especially a small or medium size one
* Spend time outside in their yard, walking in their neighborhood, etc..

If you live near a CAFO and would consider speaking to us about our lawsuit, please email us at office [at] with “CAFO” in the subject line.



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