February 10th, 2009 11:59 pm by Kelly Garbato

Ever since Shadow passed away, my parents have been kinda-sorta looking for a new companion for Copper. Last night, mom emailed me a link to this listing on Petfinder:


Buddy is a wonderful boy with lots of energy. He is house trained and has manners. He was given up because an elder couple could not handle his high energy. He is a small cream lab with the cutest ears that flop foreword. He is very smart and and eager to please. He would be best placed with a family with a fenced in yard. Once he has run around the yard for 20 minutes he comes in the house and lays about. He likes playing tag and pull the stuffed bear. He is inquisitive and friendly. Buddy has just completed obedience training and is wonderful and perfect. He gets 10 paws for personality 10 paws for training and 10 paws for placement. Boy in picture free with dog.

“Remind you of anyone?” mom asked.


1997-08-xx - Shadow&Mom - 0001

What a couple of cuties.

If you’d like to adopt Buddy (I don’t think mom’s quite ready yet), he’s currently staying with Duffy’s Friends in Rochester, NY.

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