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February 10th, 2009 9:10 pm by Kelly Garbato

Action Alerts

Amnesty International: Opening the Door to Truth
“Our chance to learn from, fix and never repeat the policies that brought us torture, illegal detention, Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib is passing us by. President Obama has already issued orders to close Guantanamo Bay and end torture. Though the orders are a major step in the right direction, they don’t tell us how the world’s most powerful democracy chose to renounce human rights and the rule of law. Show Washington that the public wants our nation to take responsibility for past mistakes and that we do have the stomach for a full investigation.”

Amnesty International: Put women’s rights at the center of U.S Foreign Policy
“Hillary Clinton has been appointed as Secretary of State. During her confirmation testimony she said “the United States must remain an unambiguous and unequivocal voice in support of women’s rights in every country, every region, on every continent”. Urge Secretary of State Clinton to demonstrate her commitment to women’s rights by urging her to create an Office of Gender Integration under the highest-ranking officer for U.S. development assistance.”

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI): Stop the U.S. from Conspiring to Overturn the Commercial Whaling Ban
” Last year, we alerted you to the negotiations taking place behind closed doors over a whaling deal, with the U.S. front and center of the discussions. The “fruit” of the negotiations is a document that was released last Monday. Civil society is finally able to see that, as expected, a resumption of commercial whaling is part of this deal. The U.S. Commissioner to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Dr. William Hogarth, who is also the current IWC chair, has co-drafted Suggestions on the Future of the IWC. His compromise boils down to a non-binding agreement between the IWC and Japan to allow for a commercial quota of minke whales to be taken from Japanese waters…”

Audubon: Birds and Climate Change: Ecological Disruption in Progress
“Our recently-released Birds and Climate report clearly shows that climate change is affecting birds – and our world – now. For the past 40 years, as our climate has warmed, birds have shifted their winter ranges further and further north. This ecological disruption is yet another wake up call that we must act quickly to solve the climate crisis. The birds’ northward movement is another signal that climate change is here and action is needed now.”

Center for Biological Diversity: Act Now to Save Desert Tortoises
“Last year, the Army moved more than 750 tortoises off of pristine desert lands in order to expand its Fort Irwin army base in California’s Mojave desert. Not all tortoises were monitored, but of those that were, more than 90 of them died — many eaten by starving coyotes who had lost their typical prey base of squirrels and rabbits due to epic desert drought. […] Now, the Army and the Bureau of Land Management are rushing to move more tortoises in 2009 in order to rid the expanded Army base of more of their tortoises. The federally threatened desert tortoise population cannot withstand yet another ill-conceived and hastily implemented translocation.”

Consumers Union: Save our neighborhoods! Restructure loans, don’t foreclose
“During its work this week on economic stimulus and the banking system rescue, Congress may allow struggling homeowners facing bankruptcy to restructure their mortgage payments and stay in their homes. This proposal won’t cost taxpayers a cent, and is expected to save a million homes. […] Right now, bankruptcy courts can modify loans for corporations, commercial real estate, and even vacation homes. Families on the verge of losing their only house don’t get the same options. The change would give homeowners the chance to stay in their homes and continue paying their mortgage. Let’s pass this simple fix to give struggling homeowners real relief. And also, tell Washington to make sure the next round of bailout money includes a real plan to help Americans avoid home foreclosures.”

Council for a Livable World: A Bailout for the Nuke Labs?
“When the House of Representatives created its version of the economic stimulus bill, no funding for the nuclear weapons complex was included. However, upon the Senate’s work, $1 billion was added for the National Nuclear Security Administration, the part of the government responsible for our nuclear weapons programs, (though not, as far as we know, to actually build new nuclear weapons). Members from both houses of Congress will meet this week to iron out a final version of the bill, and YOUR VOICE COULD MAKE A CRITICAL DIFFERENCE!”

DawnWatch: Monkey Midwest visit and Madison media — Air America and Daily Page, Feb 8-18 ’09
“The terrific Madison group, Alliance for Animals (www.AllAnimals.org) has invited me to speak at their “Vegantine’s Dinner and Dance and Heart of Journalism Awards” on February 14. Valentine’s Day in the Heartland — how perfect! I will also be doing book readings in Madison on Sunday February 15, in Saint Louis on Monday February 16, and at the University of Missouri on Tuesday February 16.”

DawnWatch: National Geographic on Mustang Round-ups , February 2009
“The February issue of National Geographic Magazine has an article, by Alexandra Fuller, about the government’s round up of Mustangs on behalf of cattle ranchers, headed, “Spirit of the Shrinking West: Mustangs.” It includes gorgeous photos of the animals, and disturbing photos of them being chased by low flying helicopters across the plains towards pens.”

DawnWatch: Palin and aerial hunting slammed by Ashley Judd on Larry King Live 2/6/09
“Defenders of Wildlife has just released a new video, narrated by actress Ashley Judd, slamming Sarah Palin for her support of the program — and, voila, Ashley Judd and the president of Defenders of Wildlife were on Larry King Live last night, Friday February 6, discussing the new clip.”

Kinship Circle: 2/9/09: Fix Endangered Species Act That Bush Broke
“Just before leaving office, the Bush Administration stripped the Endangered Species Act (ESA) of vital protections. I ask you to un-do this “hack job” on our nation’s primary wildlife law. Please co-sponsor H.J. Res. 18, legislation from House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Nick Jo Rahall that seeks congressional disapproval of Bush’s drastically changed ESA.”

National Partnership for Women & Families: Say NO to abstinence-only programs – Email President Obama today
“Under the Bush Administration, funding for ineffective and dangerous abstinence-only-until-marriage programs reached $176 million in 2008! As President Obama begins work on his fiscal year 2010 budget, urge him to stop funding abstinence-only programs and direct our scarce public health resources to evidence-based programs that actually work. In order to make responsible and healthy decisions, young people need — and society has a moral obligation to provide — medically accurate, age-appropriate information about sex and sexuality.”

National Whistleblowers Center: Protect Government Whistleblowers!
“Today I am asking you to contact your Senators and Representatives to demand, in the strongest possible terms, that employees who disclose fraud in federal contracting are fully and properly protected in the 800 billion dollar stimulus package that Congress is currently debating.”

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Tell the Obama Administration to maintain protections for gray wolves
“The Obama Administration has put a freeze on the Bush Administration’s last-ditch attempt to strip wolves in the Northern Rockies of their Endangered Species protection. We now have a historic chance to roll back this deadly rule — and close the book on eight years of relentless government-sponsored attacks on these living icons of the American West. Tell Interior Secretary Salazar to reverse the Bush Administration’s policy and maintain strong Endangered Species protection for the gray wolf.”

The People’s Email Network (PEN): The Must Be A Full And Meaningful Opportunity To Prosecute The Crimes Of Bush And Cheney
“One of the most important recommendations by John Conyers in his 487 page recent report “Reining In The Imperial Presidency” was to extend the statute of limitations on the crimes of Bush and Cheney, to allow a fair opportunity for them to be actually investigated by a real prosecutor. Of course the Justice Department was entirely derelict in enforcing the law as to them while they were still in office. To fully preserve and protect the rule of law, the statute of limitations must be extended now.”

PETA: Urge Greenwood Village City Council to Cancel Coyote Massacre!
“Compassionate Colorado State residents called on PETA for help after local media outlets reported that city officials in Greenwood Village, a suburb of Denver, have decided to gun down coyotes living in parks throughout the city indefinitely in a misguided attempt to control the coyote population. Reportedly, the city has also applied for a permit to use archaic steel-jaw traps to capture coyotes!”

The Sierra Club: Free Hilda! Confirm Hilda Solis Now.
“With millions of jobs already lost and our economy foundering we simply can’t afford to let special interests stall the confirmation of Rep. Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary. President Obama’s economic recovery plan depends on creating millions of new green jobs and Hilda Solis, with her background as an advocate for workers, the environment and green jobs, is vital to making this plan successful.”

World Wildlife Fund (WWF): Take Action for Earth Hour
“Mark your calendar and plan to join millions of people around the world in turning off the lights at 8:30 p.m., March 28, 2009, for one hour—Earth Hour—to raise awareness and take action to fight climate change. U.S. activists: Turn your action into something even bigger! Push your federal and state elected officials to shut off their lights and to take strong action to fight climate change.”

Campaign Updates

“Great news! Thanks in part to the nearly 10,000 of you who took action for the Arctic, last Thursday was a historic day for the oceans. Facing dramatic evidence of climate change in the Arctic, a federal fishery panel voted unanimously to prevent the expansion of industrial fishing into all U.S. waters north of the Bering Strait. There are no large-scale commercial fisheries currently operating in the U.S. Arctic, and now there won’t be.”

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM): Department of Defense Trauma Training Campaign Update
“The good news is that the DOD already has much of the technology and means to replace the use of animals. The bad news is that there appears to be no firm commitment from the DOD to replace the use of animals in military medical training. And therein lies our challenge.”


Carnival of the Green #166 @ Lighter Footstep


Skinny Bitch “Love Yourself” Valentine’s Day Contest
Enter to win by February 14!


The Sierra Club: Club Currents, Volume VII, #6, Feb 10, 2009
“Free Hilda!”

The Sierra Club: Club Insider: February 10, 2009
“How Green Is Your Love Life?”


Help Birds Survive Global Warming

Whales Lose in Secret Bargain Forged by US Commissioner

Stop the “flagging” of Pet Rescue Groups on Craigslist

Stop allowing pets to be listed on Freecycle

Demand that City of New Britain Animal Control utilize Petfinder and stop euthanizing!

Ban law against Pitbulls in Prince George’s county Maryland

Change the Breed Specific Dangerous Ordinance [Iowa]

Help us save our deer

Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in Chicago

Wyoming Wants Horse Slaughter

SD Legislature Wants Horse-Slaughter Plant


Reinstate Justice for the Animals (You can read more about Donald Siemer here.)

Say “No” to Tax on Veterinarians Services

Greyhound Racing in South Africa

No New Cars

‘Round the Interwebz

Animal Rights @ Change .org: Slaughterhouse Keeps Disabled Workers in Squalor and Financial Exploitation for 30 Years

News24: Elephant’s sad farewell to friend

The No-Kill Advocacy Center: Section 1983 to the Rescue (.pdf)

Vegan Soapbox: Skin Is Skin

Upcoming Events

Dogs Deserve Better (DDB): Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week, February 7-14, 2009
“Join us February 7-14th for Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week. OUR GOAL in our 7th Season is to SEND OUT 12,500 VALENTINES TO CHAINED or PENNED DOGS. We are striving to raise awareness for chained and penned dogs in a positive way…by delivering Valentines, a brochure and a treat coupon to dogs living outside all over the U.S. and into other countries where we have representation, such as Canada and Australia. Here’s what you can do: 1) Make Valentines; 2) Mail Coupons for Free or Reduced Cost Treats or Dogfood; 3. Send addresses for Chained or Penned Dogs.”

Animal Aid: End Primate Experiments – Day of Action, Saturday, February 28, 2009
“After 20 years, the EU law that governs animal testing across Europe and the UK is being revised. European Directive 86/609 EEC, which applies to animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes, is the legal template on which all EU member states base their national laws. In the UK, the relevant law is the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.Sadly, this Directive does not include an independent enquiry into the scientific reliability of animal experiments, nor does it offer a total ban – something to which Animal Aid is committed unequivocally.”

Capitol Climate Action: March 2, 2009 in Washington, D.C.
“On March 2, join thousands of people in a multi-generational act of civil disobedience at the Capitol Power Plant — a plant that powers Congress with dirty energy and symbolizes a past that cannot be our future. Let’s use this as a rallying cry for a clean energy economy that will protect the health of our families, our climate, and our future.”

National Pigeon Day – Saturday, June 13, 2009
“The New York Bird Club cordially invites you to participate in the Second Annual National Pigeon Day Celebration on Saturday, June 13th from Noon to 4 p.m. on Pilgrim Hill in Central Park in New York City. This event is a celebration of pigeons and a time to give thanks to pigeons for the joy they bring us each day of the year – their sweet faces, cooing voices and majestic waddle lift our spirits amid the bustle of city life.”

Taking Action for Animals – July 24-27, 2009
“The fifth annual Taking Action for Animals conference will be held July 24-27, 2009, in Arlington, Virginia. Learn how to plan effective campaigns, walk the halls of Congress to lobby your federal legislators on animal protection issues, and hear from speakers such as HSUS president and CEO Wayne Pacelle, comedian and author Carol Leifer, and Colorado State University professor and bioethicist Dr. Bernard Rollin.”

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The easyVegan Link Sanctuary is a near-daily roundup of animal and environmental advocacy action alerts, campaign updates, carnivals, contests, newsletters, petitions, upcoming events and miscellaneous resources.

While my primary focus is non-human animals and the environment in which they live, I will cover human rights issues as well, especially as they relate to animal and environmental welfare. (For example, while reproductive rights is typically seen as a feminist or women’s issue, the growing global human population does have environmental consequences. In this vein, access to family planning resources has a tangible impact on the environment – an environment we share with non-human animals.)

This link roundup is meant as a jumping-off point for you, the reader, to take further action and learn more about the issues presented here. I link, you decide!

If you have a link you’d like included, please drop me a line at easyvegan [at] gmail.com – or leave it in the comments! Feedback is also appreciated, particularly as it relates to the links included above. I’ve tried my best to identify and name any speciesism, sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, sizeism, etc. which may appear in the resources above; if, however, I’ve overlooked something, please leave a note in the comments. It’s not my desire to fight one form of oppression by engaging in another.

If you’d like to get on the above organizations’ e-mail lists, I’ve compiled a full list of all my resources on the Get Active! page.



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