February 17th, 2009 11:59 pm by mad mags

During their one o’clock hour, CNN highlighted these top three “most popular” stories:

2009-02-17 - CNN Top Stories - 0008

From top to bottom, the screenshot reads

1 gpx file downloaden. Islamic TV Founder Accused of Beheading;

2. Teen Girl Found Dead in Army Barracks; and

3 herunterladen. Chinese Mistress Contest Turns Tragic

Here we have three cases of violence against women; most, if not all, of which involve some degree of sexualized violence, as well mp3 on iphone.

Upping the ante, the ticker simultaneously reads “Slain actress found dark side of Hollywood dream.”

Sigh fifa for free. Same shit, different day.

The only shocking aspect of CNN’s “most popular story” roll call is that Tony Harris was able to report on it without cracking a joke about sexual assault herunterladen.

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