vegan daemon

A comic interlude from the veg*n language police.

Namely, the veg*n language police at Create For Animal Rights (they’re the good cops to my cranky cop, natch):

The comic strip, entitled “PIGS AREN’T SEXIST,” is an anti-speciesist language lesson in three acts:

In panel one, two stick figures discuss Howard Stern’s misogyny as a cuddly little porcine looks on. Stick Figure One says to Stick Figure Two, “Howard Stern is so sexist!” To which Stick Figure Two replies, “He’s such a pig!”

In panel two, the sad-looking pig protests, “Hey! I resent that!”

In panel three, the lil’ pig despairs, “I am soooo much more likable than Howard Stern!”

Why, yes you are, little piglet. Yes you are.

In other words, and apropos of my previous comments on the New York Post/Sean Delonas Obama/chimp cartoon, it’s inherently speciesist to insult a human animal by referencing a non-human animal as the point of comparison. While such aspersions can sometimes be sexist, racist or otherwise marginalizing to human group x, they almost always serve to Other and deride the non-human animal point of reference – as is illustrated above.

Don’t our non-human brothers and sisters deserve better? Think before you speak, peoples!



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