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February 25th, 2009 7:47 pm by Kelly Garbato

Action Alerts

American Rights at Work: Take Action: Demand Justice for Florida’s Farmworkers
“For decades, Florida’s farmworkers have faced terrible abuses and brutal exploitation. Workers earn sub-poverty wages, work 60-70 hours per week, and are denied the basic right to form a union to negotiate for better wages and working conditions. Some have even been chained to poles, locked inside trucks, beaten, and robbed of their pay. Yet for decades, Florida’s governors have turned a blind eye to this abuse. Take a stand for Florida’s farmworkers: demand that Governor Crist end worker abuse in the Sunshine State.”

Amnesty International: Opening the Door to Truth
“Our chance to learn from, fix and never repeat the policies that brought us torture, illegal detention, Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib is passing us by. President Obama has already issued orders to close Guantanamo Bay and end torture. Though the orders are a major step in the right direction, they don’t tell us how the world’s most powerful democracy chose to renounce human rights and the rule of law. Show Washington that the public wants our nation to take responsibility for past mistakes and that we do have the stomach for a full investigation. We’re working directly with a group of champions in Congress and will ask them to take your comments, and read them aloud on the floor of the Senate and House.”

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Urge Congress to Pass Strong Climate Legislation in 2009
“The science debate is over. Global warming is the most serious threat to wildlife and the natural resources we all depend on. Now is the time to cap the harmful emissions that cause global warming and invest in renewable technologies that will protect wildlife and restore our natural world. Please edit and send the message below to your Members of Congress, asking them to pass strong climate legislation that caps global warming pollution in 2009.”

Pacific Environment: Urge the Obama Administration to Protect Whales from Bush’s Final Assault
“Tell the Obama Administration to protect thousands of whales and dolphins from the Bush Administration’s last-minute barrage of attacks. If these midnight rules are not revised, the Navy will be allowed to flood our oceans with mid-frequency active sonar — without putting essential safeguards in place — and to harass marine mammals more than 10 million times along the Eastern Seaboard, the Gulf of Mexico, California and Hawaii.”

PETA: Support the Captive Primate Safety Act
“Eight days after a chimpanzee kept as a “pet” attacked and critically injured a Connecticut woman, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 80, the Captive Primate Safety Act, which prohibits interstate and foreign commerce in primates for the pet trade. […] The bill now moves to the U.S. Senate for consideration. Please contact your two U.S. senators to urge them to support the Captive Primate Safety Act and do all that they can to pass this important legislation.”

PETA: Urge Lowe’s Foods to End Its Partnership With Ringling Bros. Circus
“We recently learned that North Carolina–based Lowe’s Foods Stores is offering discounted Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus tickets to its customers. By promoting the circus in this way, Lowe’s Food Stores is supporting an industry that causes immense suffering to animals. […] Please send a message to Barbara Saulpaugh, vice president of marketing & merchandising at Lowe’s. Urge her to stop promoting Ringling Bros. by offering discounted tickets to customers and to promise never again to partner with a circus that uses animals.”

PETA: Birds Confined to New York City Storefront Need Your Voice
“According to concerned passersby, a recently opened New York City flea market has decided to confine as many as 50 finches in a display window. Owners of Partners and Spade, the store in question, apparently call this cruel display an “aviary,” although it appears to be meant simply to draw in customers for profit. […] One distraught witness described watching birds in the display “crashing into the glass repeatedly.” In addition, we are told that because the birds’ food and water are routinely set on the floor, they are contaminated with droppings. Please contact the owners of Partners and Spade and politely remind them that live-animal displays are cruel and that birds deserve better than life in a cage. Ask them to retire these birds to a reputable sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their lives in an enriched and safe environment that is better suited to meet their needs.”

PETA UK: Urge Tesco to Stop Selling Foie Gras!
“Because of the extreme cruelty of foie gras – the diseased and “fatty liver” of force-fed ducks and geese – almost no UK supermarket chain will carry this “torture in a tin”. Although Tesco is one of the many chains that does not carry foie gras in the UK, it unapologetically sells the product in Hungary, despite this recent investigation into the cruel Hungarian foie gras industry.”

PETA UK: Urge South Africa to ‘Cull’ Elephant Killing From Its Policy
“South Africa is poised to finalise the country’s Norms & Standards for Elephant Management, a policy it describes as a “toolbox” of options for the management of elephants. Unbelievably, one of the “tools” which South Africa considers acceptable is “culling” – killing elephants as a method of “population control”. […] Respected scientists have condemned South Africa’s proposal to kill elephants. There is no evidence that elephants pose an imminent risk to biodiversity. Reducing the elephant population is arbitrary and scientifically unsound, and it reflects outdated wildlife-management principles. Please urge South Africa to remove culling from its list of options for elephant “management”.”

PETA2: Urge the Olympic Committee to Help End the Canadian Seal Slaughter
“All eyes are on Canada as it prepares to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. This extra attention will bring increased scrutiny and comes with the added responsibility of setting a positive example for the world. That’s why we are calling on the Olympic Organizing Committee to help stop the Canadian seal slaughter.”

PETA2: How to Veganize Your Cafeteria!
“You know, everybody likes having delicious vegetarian and vegan food available at school, but we receive thousands of e-mails and phone calls each year from vegetarian and vegan students who can’t find anything to eat in the cafeteria or dining hall. That’s why we created our “Veganize Your Cafeteria” campaign. Ready to learn how it works? Check out the video below to get started!”

The Sierra Club: Your Camera Can Create Clean Cars
“Fourteen other states have adopted California’s standards and are also waiting for the green light. These states cover 40 percent of the U.S. auto market. Implementing clean-car standards would make a huge dent in our global-warming emissions. Can you attend via photo? Just take a picture of yourself, your family and friends, holding car keys and email it to us. At the hearing we’ll present thousands of photos with this message: EPA Holds the Key to Clean Cars!”

Trouble the Water: Write Congress and let them know you want them to help communities struggling in the Gulf Coast.
“‘Trouble the Water’ helped remind the American people that the injustices in the Gulf Coast are far from over. Now it’s our job to tell Congress to take action to repair the communities that were destroyed. This problem is bigger than just Hurricane Katrina, so we need real legislative action to make a difference.”

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): Passage of a Strong Climate Bill Must be a Top Priority for Congress
“The U.S. Congress just passed a stimulus package that includes strong provisions promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency—an important down payment on our country’s transition to a cleaner energy future. But the science is clear and it’s urgent: to prevent the worst effects of global warming, Congress must go further, and it must act now. Comprehensive climate policy can curb global warming while breaking our dependence on oil and putting Americans back to work.”


PETA UK: Win a Pair of Chic Designer Shoes!
“If you love fashion and animals, you’ll know that there’s no excuse for making one out of the other. The cruelty behind the leather, fur and exotic skins trades means that clothes, shoes and accessories made from animal skins will never be stylish. So bag a plush alternative for a cruelty-free and totally fashionable look! Enter our contest for a chance to win a pair of chic, cruelty-free shoes from Beyond Skin, worth up to £160!”


The Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC): Dissent Is Patriotic, February 2009, Vol. 8, No. 2
A Call for Grassroots Action: Obama Uses State Secrets Privilege to Stall Rendition Case & more

Vegan Outreach: E-Newsletter, Feb. 25, 2009
“Boca Update, New DVDs, and Vote for Ari!”


Farm for Health, Energy Independence and the Environment (Please leave a pro-vegan comment on this petition!)

Tell the MSPCA to cut salaries & stop closing shelters!

‘Round the Interwebz

The Jane Goodall Institute: Send Jane an “e-hoot” for her 75th birthday!

US FDA: Peanut Product Recalls: Salmonella Typhimurium; Last updated: February 25, 2009

Upcoming Events

Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF): National Justice for Animals Week, February 22 – 28, 2009
“Animal victims of abuse cannot speak for themselves—so concerned citizens and our legal system must speak up for them. That’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund has created National Justice for Animals Week—an annual event that will be dedicated to raising public awareness nationwide about how to report animal abuse—and how to work within your community to create stronger laws and assure tough enforcement. February 22 – 28 marks ALDF’s first-ever National Justice for Animals Week.”

Animal Aid: End Primate Experiments – Day of Action, Saturday, February 28, 2009
“After 20 years, the EU law that governs animal testing across Europe and the UK is being revised. European Directive 86/609 EEC, which applies to animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes, is the legal template on which all EU member states base their national laws. In the UK, the relevant law is the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.Sadly, this Directive does not include an independent enquiry into the scientific reliability of animal experiments, nor does it offer a total ban – something to which Animal Aid is committed unequivocally.”

Capitol Climate Action: March 2, 2009 in Washington, D.C.
“On March 2, join thousands of people in a multi-generational act of civil disobedience at the Capitol Power Plant — a plant that powers Congress with dirty energy and symbolizes a past that cannot be our future. Let’s use this as a rallying cry for a clean energy economy that will protect the health of our families, our climate, and our future.”

The Great American Meatout – March 20, 2009
“On (or around) March 20 — the first day of spring — thousands of caring people in all 50 U.S. states and two dozen other countries get active to host educational Meatout events. Activities include colorful festivals, lectures, public dinners, feed-ins, cooking demos, food samplings, leafleting, information tables and more.”

Earth Hour 2009 – March 28, 2009
“Mark your calendar and plan to join millions of people around the world in turning off the lights at 8:30 p.m., March 28, 2009, for one hour—Earth Hour—to raise awareness and take action to fight climate change. U.S. activists: Turn your action into something even bigger! Push your federal and state elected officials to shut off their lights and to take strong action to fight climate change.”

American Humane Association (AHA): Every Day Is Tag Day – April 4, 2009
“The American Humane Association celebrates every day as Tag Day to encourage all pet owners to tag or microchip their companion animals. Pet care is more than providing food, water and shelter. Pet care also includes tagging your pet. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, about 1 million dogs and half a million cats are taken into U.S. animal shelters as strays each year. Sadly, only 15 percent of those dogs and 2 percent of those cats are reunited with their owners.”

National Pigeon Day – Saturday, June 13, 2009
“The New York Bird Club cordially invites you to participate in the Second Annual National Pigeon Day Celebration on Saturday, June 13th from Noon to 4 p.m. on Pilgrim Hill in Central Park in New York City. This event is a celebration of pigeons and a time to give thanks to pigeons for the joy they bring us each day of the year – their sweet faces, cooing voices and majestic waddle lift our spirits amid the bustle of city life.”

Taking Action for Animals – July 24-27, 2009
“The fifth annual Taking Action for Animals conference will be held July 24-27, 2009, in Arlington, Virginia. Learn how to plan effective campaigns, walk the halls of Congress to lobby your federal legislators on animal protection issues, and hear from speakers such as HSUS president and CEO Wayne Pacelle, comedian and author Carol Leifer, and Colorado State University professor and bioethicist Dr. Bernard Rollin.”

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The easyVegan Link Sanctuary is a near-daily roundup of animal and environmental advocacy action alerts, campaign updates, carnivals, contests, newsletters, petitions, upcoming events and miscellaneous resources.

While my primary focus is non-human animals and the environment in which they live, I will cover human rights issues as well, especially as they relate to animal and environmental welfare. (For example, while reproductive rights is typically seen as a feminist or women’s issue, the growing global human population does have environmental consequences. In this vein, access to family planning resources has a tangible impact on the environment – an environment we share with non-human animals.)

This link roundup is meant as a jumping-off point for you, the reader, to take further action and learn more about the issues presented here. I link, you decide!

If you have a link you’d like included, please drop me a line at easyvegan [at] gmail.com – or leave it in the comments! Feedback is also appreciated, particularly as it relates to the links included above. I’ve tried my best to identify and name any speciesism, sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, sizeism, etc. which may appear in the resources above; if, however, I’ve overlooked something, please leave a note in the comments. It’s not my desire to fight one form of oppression by engaging in another.

If you’d like to get on the above organizations’ e-mail lists, I’ve compiled a full list of all my resources on the Get Active! page.



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