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March 4th, 2009 3:30 pm by Kelly Garbato

Today’s blub-worthy video comes courtesy of Marc Bekoff at Ethological Ethics:

The video’s description on You Tube is rather sparse, but fear not – google to the rescue! Apparently, this video is a few months old, and 100% true:

Footage from a traffic camera overlooking a busy freeway in Santiago, Chile captured a dog performing a heroic act — pulling an injured friend from oncoming traffic.

The video, from Azteca America Colorado, shows an injured dog lying in the middle of a freeway after being hit by a car, while a rescue dog dodges traffic to run to its side. The rescue dog then drags the severely injured canine across lanes of traffic as cars swerve around it.

No motorists stopped to help either dog, but a highway crew arrives at the end of the video.

The translation of the announcer is as follows:

“These images seen from the surveillance cameras show a very common situation with our overpopulated highways. It is normal for us to see dogs run over. In the video, we can see this dog fighting for his life because he was run over by the vehicle.

“What is very touching is to see the very heroic actions of this other dog who is trying to pull him to the side of the highway. We are going to keep seeing things like this until we find a solution to the dogs living on the streets.”

Emphasis mine, because I was pleasantly surprised to see that Fox News shared my initial reaction: namely, an immediate awareness that a “lowly” canine stepped in to rescue a fellow dog, whereas no humans could be bothered to do so. And yet, humans are the morally superior beings. *snort*

Naturally, Fox loses points for referring to the victim and hero as “it,” instead of “he” or “she.” Interestingly, the reporter from Azteca America Colorado didn’t fall into the same speciesist linguistic trap. Weird given his (?) seemingly blasé reaction re: vehicular-canine collisions.



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