The Humane League of Philadelphia: Letters and Calls Needed re: Foie Gras Week

March 13th, 2009 8:25 am by Kelly Garbato

Via The Humane League of Philadelphia:

Urgent: Letters and Calls Needed re: Foie Gras Week

Today the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article on an upcoming “Foie Gras Week” that some area restaurants will be participating in. The event is a promotional gimmick by Hudson Valley Foie Gras farm to try to drum up interest in their cruel product by basically giving it away for free. We are asking all HLP members to please take two quick actions to respond on this issue and to speak out for the ducks and geese being painfully force-fed on foie gras farms.

First: Send a Letter to the Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer about the cruelty of foie gras and why you will not eat at any restaurant that serves it. Letters should be sent to: Inquirer.Letters [at] .

Second: Contact Councilman Jack Kelly’s office to encourage him to move forward with the bill to ban the sale of foie gras. The bill was re-introduced 9 months ago but Kelly has not yet brought it up for a vote. Councilman Kelly’s office numbers are: (215) 686-3452 and (215) 686-3453.

Ugh, a whole week dedicated to celebrating foie gras?

Can you imagine?

(Photos via Flickr users ulterior epicure and Farm Sanctuary, respectively.)



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