March 15th, 2009 10:01 am by Kelly Garbato

Progressive quiz

As always, the quiz includes questions about marginalized human groups – most notably people of color and gays and lesbians, with one roundabout feminist question (“when does life begin?”) – but not a peep about non-human animals. Just a few items re: climate change, pollution and the like.

I wonder how I might have scored on a similar quiz, with one or two animal advocacy questions? Domestic terra-ist, perhaps?

By the by, you can take the quiz here; h/t, Elaine.



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3 Responses to “338/400”

  1. Vegan Says:

    278 – Very Progressive

    Thanks for the link!

  2. ARPhilo Says:

    I got 353/400- Extremely “Progressive”

    I am not sure what progressive means anymore though. It seems most liberals are just as stagnant as conservatives even though “progressive” seems to denote liberalism (and judging by this test it does).

    When does life begin? Of course it begins at conception. The fetus is biologically alive. I don’t think anyone can deny that. Sure, protect life from conception- with prenatal care and good nutrition. It doesn’t mean make abortion illegal- though I am sure it would be scored that way. A lot of questions in this were difficult for me to answer in that way… I suppose it wants you to impose your view on the statement but technically, if I answered some of these based on the wording it would likely score against my views.

    But, I’m an anarchist so answering government questions always gets on my nerves anyways… I usually answer on the liberal side even though I don’t agree with the existence of a capitalist regime in the first place. Perhaps I would have scored only 200 then…

  3. Kelly Says:

    Yeah, some of the questions were loaded. My husband, who leans towards libertarianism, pointed out the lack of distinction between state and local government in the questions involving “government.” Still, a fun way to waste five minutes :)

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