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Horizontal Women, Redux

This is extent of interaction allowed between piglets and their mothers “living” on modern factory farms:

If you consume meat, eggs or dairy, this is what you support. The alienation and separation of mothers from their children. The reduction of the female body to a meat- and/or milk-producing machine, wherein babies constitute the “meat,” and the milk meant for them is stolen and sold to humans who have absolutely no need for the stuff. Rape, murder and ecocide.

Parents: how would you feel if someone abused your child in such a cruel manner? If someone tore her from your side, and denied her all but the most basic of maternal comforts?

Women: have you really no sympathy for your animal sisters, singled out for especially brutal abuse and exploitation – all because they’re capable of giving rise to new life? Some miracle.

100 million pigs. 100 million mothers, daughters and sons. 100 million reasons to go vegan.

Photos via Animal Rights Advocates Inc.

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