Consuming Women, No. 3

April 9th, 2009 10:50 am by mad mags

Some time ago – we’re talking two years plus – I started a series on this blog called “Consuming Women.” My intention was to highlight examples of advertising campaigns in which the consumption of “meat” is likened to the consumption of women, usually by depicting women as obviously edible foodstuffs herunterladen. My own personal Pornography of Meat, if you will.

Because I’m a scatterbrain and tend to bite off more than I can chew, I never got past post #2 in the series tubemate kostenlos downloaden. Which is a shame – but, luckily, one that’s easily remedied!

For now, let’s start simple and return to the series’ roots: woman-as-fish herunterladen. Classy.

The Seafood International Market and Restaurant - Mermaid

For those who can’t view the image, the ad depicts a woman – a mermaid – lounging seductively on a table in what appears to be a fancy restaurant herunterladen. Our mermaiden is surrounded by spoons, forks and knives, all of which will presumably be used to murder, dismember and eat her. And did I mention that she’s totally succulent and mouth-watering, in more ways than one herunterladen?

In addition to reducing both women and fish to consumable commodities, something to be bought, sold and eaten, this ad for The Seafood International Market and Restaurant also draws upon a fairly popular gendered insult, in which women’s lady bits are likened to fish karaoke songs gratis herunterladen.

To be fair, I should note that the restaurant in question is located in Singapore; perhaps their slang differs in this regard. Would any international readers care to weigh in stemmen downloaden tomtom gratis?

[Previous posts in the series: One, one-point-one, two.]


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  3. Anna Says:

    Just thought I’d say that my vagina has sometimes smelt fishy. That’s a fact. I know that this isn’t your main point but that’s not a misogynistic fact. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life that some of us go through.

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