Spam FAIL.

April 18th, 2009 11:45 pm by mad mags

So, in the week since Obama accepted a purebred breeder dog from his good bud Ted Kennedy, I’ve noticed an influx of spam comments from websites trading in the flesh of purebred pups herunterladen. No sellers of Portuguese Water Dogs as of yet; rather, most of the “commenters” sing the praises of Obama’s second choice, the Labradoodle gangstar vegas to download. (Purebred dogs are healthier, less aggressive, and fart rainbows, dontchaknow.)

The lack of PWD ads isn’t surprising; being a rarer breed, methinks it’ll be a few months before the PWD mills start churning out their first batches of pups, like so google presentation downloaden.

Thanks a ton, Obama.



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