Just look at those baby blues!

April 22nd, 2009 11:29 pm by Kelly Garbato

Via the Flickr blog, I stumbled upon a collection of superawesomecute photosets, collectively called the Bluebird Nestboxes:

Every year going back to 2004, Flickr member lucycat has documented the progress of egg laying and hatching of Eastern Bluebirds in some nest boxes, and it looks like the season is underway! Be sure to check out past year’s captures in her Bluebird Nestboxes collection too.

Lucycat currently has three nestboxes set up around her property, each of which may provide shelter for up to four bluebird families every season. The photos are taken on a daily basis, so you can literally watch the newly hatched babies grow from pink little blobs into big, feathery blue birds like mom and dad.

Naturally, the grump in me can’t help but wonder whether Lucycat’s audience would also oooh and aaah over newly hatched “broiler” chicks…or whether they’d oooh and aaah over the chicken babies just long enough for them to grow into tasty KCF nuggets, but – well, just go enjoy the photos, and leave the bah-humbuggery to me.



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