Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary: Dairy is a Death Sentence

May 13th, 2009 12:17 pm by Kelly Garbato

Peaceful Prairie - Dairy is a Death Sentence

Dairy is a Death Sentence

Every year, millions of newborns are killed for their mothers’ milk

All babies born to females used for milk production are torn from their mothers shortly after birth. They are barely days old, umbilical chord still attached, coat still slick from the birth fluids, legs wobbly, eyes unfocused. They are defenseless. They are frightened. They cry pitifully for their mothers.

They all beg for their mothers in language that requires no translation. They live their entire short lives as orphans, their only experience of mother love, one of yearning for it, their only experience of emotional connection, one of absence. Soon, the memory of the mother’s face, her voice, her scent will fade, but the painful, irrepressible longing for her warmth will still be there. At four months old, the “veal” calves are corralled into trucks and hauled to slaughter. As they are dragged onto the killing floor, they are still looking for their mothers, still desperately needing her nurturing presence, especially at that dark time when they are frightened and needing protection more than ever in the midst of the terrible sights, and sounds, and scents of death all around them, and, in their despair, in their want for a shred of consolation and protection, most try to suckle the fingers of their killers.

All dairy production, including Organic, is predicated on ripping apart mother and child. Dairy consumers perpetuate this cruel practice with their purchases.

You can stop it!
Peaceful Prairie


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