Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary: Don’t Let Him Kill Me!

May 13th, 2009 12:19 pm by mad mags

Peaceful Prairie - Don't Let Him Kill Me (front)

Peaceful Prairie - Don't Let Him Kill Me (back)

Don’t Let Him Kill Me netflix filme herunterladen auf mac! (front)

How does YOUR baby say:

“Don’t Let Him Kill Me!”?

Should any baby have to top 100 charts kostenlos herunterladen?
Don’t Let Him Kill Me bing bilder herunterladen! (back)

Every year, millions of newborns are killed for their mothers’ milk

All babies born to females used for milk production are torn from their mothers shortly after birth farm frenzy kostenlos spielen ohne download. They are barely days old, umbilical chords still attached, coats still slick from the birth fluids, legs wobbly, eyes unfocused. They are defenseless star stable online zum herunterladen. They are frightened. They cry pitifully.

They all beg for their mothers in language that requires no translation.
They beg for the life-sustaining warmth of their mothers’ presence, the heartbeat that promised life and protection long before they were born, the comfort of their mothers’ scent and voice, the nourishing milk that is their birthright.

Chained in dark, coffin-sized veal crates, they search feverishly for anybody to bond with, anything to nurse on. Their curious minds cling to any stray object that may break the endless monotony they are forced to endure, any opportunity to learn and expand. Their developing bodies desperately need movement, sunshine, play, nourishment, nurture.

Calves destined for veal are fed a nutrient deficient, anemia inducing diet and are denied any opportunity to move in order to make their muscles weak and pale enough to be sold as “white veal”. In their critical need for iron, they lick the rusty nails that stick out of the cage walls.

At 4 months old, having never been allowed to move or even turn around in their lives, they are too weak to walk on their own. Men drag them out of their cages by their legs, tails, or ears, shove them into trucks, push them down chutes and prod them onto the killing floor. Still desperate to nurse, many calves try to suckle the fingers of their killers.

Dairy is a Death Sentence

All dairy production, including Organic, is predicated on ripping apart mother and child. Dairy consumers perpetuate this practice with their purchases.

You can stop it

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
A Safe Haven For Rescued Farmed Animals


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