DIY Vegan Ice Cream: Chocolate Tofu Ice Cream

May 26th, 2009 8:50 pm by mad mags

In between gardening and sundry bits of yard work, the Mr. and I have been busy-busy-busy churning out fresh, diy vegan ice cream with our shiny new ice cream machine herunterladen. While A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise has proven a source of endless inspiration, I also picked up copies of Wheeler del Torro’s The Vegan Scoop and Vice Cream, by Jeff Rogers logik spiele kostenlos.

2009-05-24 - Vegan Ice Cream Books - 0011

While I can’t wait to try out some of these yummy-looking recipes (The Vegan Scoop is so gorgeous, the book itself looks edible), I’m afraid I’ll need to empty the freezer first railway planner for free!

Exhibit #1: The multiple batches of Strawberry Very Chocolate Soy Ice Cream I made this week. (Hey, I had to finish off the chocolate soy milk so it wouldn’t spoil herunterladen. *shrug*)

Using this recipe for Strawberry Very Chocolate Soy Ice Cream at VegWeb as a guide, we started by making a batch of Chocolate Tofu Soy Ice Cream how to download videos from zdf mediathek. This is the first time I’ve used silken tofu in an ice cream recipe – the recipes at AVICP call for arrowroot as a thickening agent – and the result was surprisingly delish word gratisen student. I was worried that the tofu might affect the texture of the ice cream once fully frozen, but not so much. Given the extra protein tofu brings to the plate, I’d like to adapt this basic formula to make additional flavors in the future shieldwall herunterladen. Plus, many of the items used in this recipe are shelf-stable (tofu, soy milk; vs. the soy creamer found in similar recipes), which is a huge plus for those who only make it to the natural food store (or just the store) on a semi-weekly basis herunterladen.

2009-05-22 - VegWeb Choc Straw Ice Cream - 0008

A few days later, I made a batch of Strawberry Very Chocolate Soy Ice Cream (pictured above, topped with chocolate sprinkles and heaped on top of even more fresh strawberries) – as written, frozen berries and all herunterladen. I’d be hard pressed to name which batch I like better – they’re both really scrumptious (though I’ve yet to produce a batch that rivals a pint of Purely Decadent) instagram stories herunterladen app. Only problem I ran into was that the recipe was too large to fit in my 1 1/2 quart ice cream machine, so I had to split the “batter” (what to call unfrozen ice cream?) in half, and process it on two consecutive days. Minus the berries, the recipe *just fit*.

You can view VegWeb’s Strawberry Very Chocolate Soy Ice Cream recipe here; below is my tweaked, super-chocolaty version.

DIY Vegan Ice Cream: Chocolate Tofu Ice Cream

(Adapted from VegWeb’s Strawberry Very Chocolate Soy Ice Cream recipe.)

2009-05-17 - VegWeb Chocolate Ice Cream - 0003


2 cups chocolate soy milk (we used Silk)
1 package silken tofu
1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips + extra to taste
1/2 cup sugar + extra to taste
1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa powder (vary according to your preferences)


1. Puree the tofu in a blender until smooth. If the tofu’s too thick for your blender, add a tablespoon or two of the soy milk to get it going.

2. Add in sugar, chocolate chips and cocoa powder; blend until the sugar and cocoa or mixed in and the chips are somewhat broken.

3. Add the soy milk and continue blending. When the mix is smooth, test for taste and add extra sugar, cocoa and/or chips to taste.

4. If needed, chill in the fridge or freezer and then process as per your machine’s instructions.



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3 Responses to “DIY Vegan Ice Cream: Chocolate Tofu Ice Cream”

  1. DIY Vegan Ice Cream: Chocolate Coffee Marshmallow Swirl » V for Vegan: Says:

    […] At summer’s start, I picked up a copy of Wheeler del Torro’s The Vegan Scoop to go with the shiny new ice cream maker my mother had gifted me for FSMas. Though it’s been nearly four months, I’ve only tried a handful of recipes. Blame a freezer full of the store-bought stuff, along with plenty of free, searchable recipes from A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise! Probably I won’t get around to reviewing the book until next year, but unless every recipe I have yet to try turns out to be dreadful (an unlikely possibility), I foresee a five-star review and enthusiastic (read: borderline orgasmic) recommendation. Seriously, if you have an ice cream machine, you need this book. […]

  2. Maritsa Mansuroglu Says:

    I have been trying to come up with healthy vegan desserts and was told that silken tofu was great for making ice cream. I tried making ice cream using silken tofu, sugar free instant chocolate pudding mix and almond milk. It came out tasting like sweet chocolate fermented beans. It was awful. My question is, will the taste of the tofu always come through so strong? I feel like you have to like tofu in order to make these recipes.

  3. Kelly Garbato Says:

    Hi Maritsa! I’m not sure it’s the tofu you’re tasting, since tofu doesn’t really taste like much of anything. Could it have been the pudding mix?

    If you’re new to making ice cream with tofu, I’d recommend sticking to established recipes first. VegWeb is a great source – not only do they have a wealth of recipes, but users rate, review, and discuss them. I bet you can find a recipe you like on there. Here’s the ice cream category.

    Banana ice cream is pretty awesome, too, and really healthy and easy to make.

    Personally, I’m not tofu’s biggest fan either. I don’t care for the texture when it’s cubed, but I like it blended in things. Silken tofu is good in ice cream, smoothies, and pudding, whereas the regular stuff makes a mean scrambled egg. And believe me when I say that I’m a super-fussy eater.

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