SHARK is holding Coke responsible for animal cruelty; are you?

May 30th, 2009 9:59 am by Kelly Garbato

SHARK is still tugging at Coke’s pull-tab, as the megacorp continues to insist that it “will not sponsor events or attractions that feature animals unless the event organizers have policies and procedures in place to support the humane treatment of animals” – this, while sponsoring rodeos.


Here’s SHARK’s latest alert; you can read previous alerts here.


Dear Friends,

I want to make this real easy for you to find because I want you to call Coke again, Coke’s number is: 800-438-2653.

William McMullen, a dedicated activist in Michigan, has learned that rodeo sponsor Coca-Cola now has a special “Alert” on its “Frequently Asked Questions” section of its website. This means Coke is getting a lot of complaints about the rodeo issue.

Here’s the link that will allow you to see this for yourself: Coca-Cola’s Alert

Here is Coke’s latest statement:

‘Does The Coca-Cola Company sponsor rodeos?’

“Coca-Cola cares about the welfare of animals and supports their proper treatment. That is why the Company and our U.S. bottling partners will not sponsor events or attractions that feature animals unless the event organizers have policies and procedures in place to support the humane treatment of animals and provide ready access to quality veterinary care to protect the animals’ health and safety.”

This statement is a damnable lie, and the company knows it. It is both unbelievable and repulsive this corrupt company is going to such lengths to outright lie to its own customers. Coke sponsors numerous cruel rodeos across the country that maim and kill animals. SHARK has been proving for 16 years that rodeo humane rules are a farce, and that rodeo animals are regularly injured and killed. Even the rodeo industry admits this by refusing to release animal injury and death reports.

Among those Coke-sponsored rodeos are the worst of the worst – the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, WY and the Pendleton Round-Up in Pendleton, OR.

Both of these rodeos include deadly steer busting, in which steers have their necks and legs broken, as well as internal and other injuries. Additionally, the Cheyenne Rodeo includes the brutal Wild Horse Race, in which as many as eighteen young (not wild) horses are released at the same time and jumped by teams of contestants who terrorize them in a cruel and ridiculous race. The horses can be injured and even killed.

Besides steer busting, the Pendleton Rodeo includes the Wild Cow Milking Contest, another event featuring groups of animals, this time cows, which are forced by gangs of thugs to give milk.

Both Pendleton and Cheyenne allow the cruel and dangerous jerkdowns of calves. SHARK investigators have seen as many as four calves sledded off the Cheyenne arena in one morning alone, and we have seen as many as seven steers injured in a day of steer busting.

How many more thousands of animals have to be terrorized, brutalized, maimed and killed before Coke honors its promise to not sponsor animal abuse?

Now, to make matters even worse, the rodeo mafia is partnering up with the bullrings of Spain and Portugal. SHARK’s latest video exposes that partnership in its latest YouTube video:

Rodeo & Bullfighting Mafias Partner Up

Here is a video showing Steer Busting.

Here is a video showing the horrid Wild Horse Race.

I am asking every person who cares about animals to stop consuming any Coke products as long as Coke continues to sponsor rodeos. I personally will never consume another Coke product.

It’s time that we vote with our wallets in the biggest way possible. Please inform every person you know who cares about animals that Coke is a cruel and dishonorable company. It is vital that everyone understand that when you spend money on a Coke product, some of your money is going to animal abusers.

I will be asking the animal conferences this year to take a stand and refuse to sell, allow to be sold or even allow within the conferences any Coke products this year, and for as long as it takes, and to disclose exactly why. It is time that people with a heart and a conscience take a hard line on Coca-Cola, a lying corporate animal abuser.

Please call Coke today — right now, and demand that the company terminate any relationship whatsoever with rodeos. Coke’s toll-free number is 800-438-2653. Please call them now!

Those answering Coke’s phones will likely lie and tell you that they’ve received no other calls about rodeos. That’s obviously another Coke lie, because they are getting enough calls to put a special alert up on the company website.

It’s time for the humane movement to show Coca-Cola the power of compassion. Let’s back this cold, immoral company down in its tracks, and give them a business lesson they won’t forget.

Another dedicated activist, Nicole Bruck has created a petition asking the rodeo committee of Cheyenne Frontier Days to ban steer busting. Please click here and sign the petition.

Here is a list of some of Coke’s most common products:

Bacardi Mixers
Canada Dry
Cherry Coke
Dasani water
Dr. Pepper
Full Throttle
Hi-C Punch
Ice Mountain
Limonaid products
Mello Yello
Minute Maid products
Mr. Pibb
Nestea products
Red Lion
Refresh Tea
Simply Orange
Sun Valley
Tasters Choice

Coca-Cola also sponsors the Iditarod Dog Race. In recent years, over 142 dogs have been confirmed to have died during the race and many more have died prior to and after the race.



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