Administrivia: can you hear me now?

June 2nd, 2009 3:39 pm by Kelly Garbato

Just a quick heads up: We may or may not have a problem with comments on easyVegan. About a month ago, there was a sudden drop off in comments, including spam and trackbacks; whereas I’d been getting hundreds or even thousands of spam comments a week, now I receive maybe ten. Same with my other blogs, as well as those belonging to my husband. Speaking of my geekier half, he’s trying to resolve the issue – assuming there even is an issue – but no luck so far.

Anyhow, if you left a comment but it never showed up, drop me a line at easyvegan [at] Or, if it’s not terribly bothersome, please leave comment on this post so that I know you’re out there and my tubes aren’t broken. Just a quick Hey! will suffice.

If you’ve never commented here before, WordPress holds your comment in a moderation queue, an inconvenience necessitated by the aforementioned spam that I’m loathe to do away with. As long as your comment complies with my comment policy, I will approve it. If it doesn’t but you amuse me, I’ll approve it anyway. I usually approve comments within a few hours, but keep in mind I live in the U.S. Central time zone, and need my zzzzzs.

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