Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 2

June 11th, 2009 5:16 pm by mad mags

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Kelly Garbato (that’s me!) @ Animal Rights at Intersectionality 101: Sexism, Racism, Speciesism, and More and Intersectionality and Animal Advocacy

Stephanie at kindly invited me to guest post at the Animal Rights blog; Intersectionality 101 and Intersectionality and Animal Advocacy are my first contributions. This is a two-part post in which I introduce the concept of intersectionality, explain how intersectionality can help us better understand (and dismantle) our exploitation of animals, and argue for the inclusion of other anti-“ism” activism in the animal advocacy movement appen op macbook pro. Please stop by and share your thoughts!

Also worth checking out: the new(ly visible) “oppression connections” post category on Animal Rights.

Briar Levit @ Bitch Blogs: Nicole Georges pays tribute to the Queer Animal Kingdom

Last week, I noted how media such as Green Porno, by celebrating non-human animals in all their sexual diversity, has the potential to liberate and uplift animals of all species horizon.

In this vein, Briar Levit introduces us to Nicole Georges, “a zinester, illustrator, and pet portrait artist” (and also a contributor to Bitch magazine), whose latest project is “an exploration of the Queer Animal Kingdom” – as explained in this documentary:

Nicole Georges 5/1/09 from cat on Vimeo.

As far as feminist media goes, Bitch seems to be the most animal-friendly magazine out there (with a very vocal – albeit minority – vegan/vegetarian readership!), so if you’re so inclined, you can check ’em out here videos herunterladen firefox.

Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality: Press release about ‘The Running of the Nudes’ and PETA

Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) describes itself as “an international non-profit organisation dedicating to gaining equal consideration and respect for animals. Founded in Madrid (Spain) in January 2006 by Sharon Nunez, Javier Moreno and Jose Valle, it is currently active in Spain, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia.”

In this press release, Igualdad Animal offers its thoughts on PETA’s upcoming annual anti-bullfighting demonstration, “The Running of the Nudes.” Not surprisingly, the group is unimpressed, both with PETA’s animal welfare efforts, as well as their poor record vis-à-vis marginalized groups of humans, including women wo kann ich word kostenlosen.

(Full disclosure: I’ve never attended “The Running of the Nudes,” so I can’t really offer an informed opinion, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if the nudes in question are predominantly women – conventionally attractive white women, at that. Personally, I kind of like the concept, just not as it’s envisioned and applied by PETA.)

Igualdad Animal’s feelings are especially relevant, as the organization is both based in Spain and comprised of activists native to the country and culture in question; who better to offer an informed opinion, no herunterladen? PETA, in contrast, has a history of cultural insensitivity, while the white/Anglo animal advocacy movement can sometimes fall into colonialism.

Our strength as a movement lies in our diversity of voices. You can support Igualdad Animal’s efforts – including a recent investigation of more than 100 pig breeding facilities in Spain – here telefunken netflix herunterladen.

Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) - Spanish Pig Farm Investigation

New York Daily News: Stars who strip for a cause

Speaking of PETA, 17 of the 27 ads featured in this slideshow (from the admittedly sleazy tabloid-esque NY Daily News) are from PETA’s various nude ads; most involve women. There’s good naked and there’s bad naked…and there there’s perpetually resembling an American Apparel ad web herunterladen.

Gwen @ Sociological Images: For MEN Only: Vintage Campbell’s Soup Ad

Gwen shares a Campbell’s soup ad from the ’40s, in which the consumption of “meat” is directly linked to masculinity. The ad’s copy reads, “For MEN only; ‘He-Man’ is the word for these Hearty Soups! But, Ladies, you’ll like ’em too herunterladen! BEEF! BEEF! BEEF!”

My oh my, how little the times have changed

Leanne @ Sanctuary Tails: Industry Orphans

Leanne, who works at the Orland, CA Farm Sanctuary, tells the tale (tail?) of Cupid and Harrison, two calves who found their way to sanctuary rather than slaughter. Cupid, in contrast to Harrison, arrived at Farm Sanctuary with his mother Loretta, and…well, I’ll let Leanne tell you the rest.

Stephanie @ Animal Rights @ Change .org: A Mother’s Loving Protection, A Father’s Dedication: A Family Like Any Other

I’ve spent most of my time examining the plight of non-human mothers enslaved in animal exploitation industries – but fathers also bond with their families and suffer when these relationships are violated. Here, Stephanie shares the story of a free-living bird family – mother, father and children – who struggled and persevered in the face of disaster.

Probably it’s a story that plays out countless times, all over the globe, but with little notice or fanfare. Today, Stop. Read. Think. Digest. Tomorrow, Notice.

Wildlife SOS: Community Rehabilitation Initiative – Success Stories from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh

Wildlife SOS demonstrates how animal advocacy can prove beneficial to human as well as non-human animals; human and animal survival need not be pitted against one another in a never-ending battle to the death.

In particular, the group works to empower children – girls especially – through its Community Rehabilitation Initiatives:

There is now an extensive education component to the Kalandar Rehabilitation Programme. Kalandar children – and more and more young girls – are provided tuition and book expenses so that they can have a solid education. Wildlife SOS will then help each of them acquire vocational skills so they can work in a specific trade or even start their own businesses. The Kalandar people are traditionally conservative in their views of women and the female role in their society. The increasing number of girls being educated in this programme hints at a rising trend of feminism not seen before.

Integrating anti-sexism with animal advocacy? More, please!

Wildlife SOS: Mother’s Day Appeal Photo Results

In their latest newsletter, Wildlife SOS writes,

Thank you to everyone who responded to our Mother’s Day appeal. We hope you were as inspired by the beautiful photos of moms and babies in the wild as we were. The photos featured in the appeal were taken by Ron Magill and Samad Kottur, and we’re grateful to these talented photographers for allowing us to share their work with you.

If you missed the charming photos (or just want to see them again), please visit our photo gallery. Thanks!

Well, what are you waiting for?



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