"Being dead never tasted so good!"

June 18th, 2009 12:31 pm by mad mags

Via Blamer moodygirl comes the following SNL skit, “Cluckin Chicken,” which takes the Suicide Food phenomenon to a whole new level wo kann ich noten herunterladen. (Indeed, Ben included the video as part of a “Fictional Suicide Food Emeriti” roundup last May.)

Warning: the video contains some graphic footage of a chicken corpse being “cleaned” and “quartered.”

About twenty seconds into the video, my husband popped up over my shoulder to ask if I was watching an actual commercial herunterladen. Such is the depravity of modern “meat” advertisements.


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Saturday Night Live – Cluckin Chicken
Excerpt (s.18 : ep.13) | 01:34
All the outs and ins of making a great chicken herunterladen.



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