Sexy Meat, No. 2: Flirty Fish & Beefy Chicken

July 9th, 2009 10:53 am by mad mags

Updated, 11/18/09: Ben @ Suicide Food has an absolutely pornirific take on McCormick’s sexy fish centerfold.

It’s been a few months in the making, but here’s entry No. 2 in the “Sexy Meat” series. This set of advertisements from McCormick is unique in that it features explicitly female and male “meat.”

Let’s start with the female, who is represented by a flirtatious fish (again with the fish, oy vey!) spotify alben herunterladen pc.

McCormick - Fish

The ad above features an obviously female fish: she has oversized, cartoonish eyes; long, lush eyelashes (seemingly curled, even); and wispy fins, one of which she touches to her lipsticked, collagen-enhanced lips in a flirtatious gesture. She rests, splayed out, on a platter, as if being presented for your pleasure and consumption. Not as if; exactly like. Her tail is raised in the air, giving the appearance of an arched back (or raised buttocks ndr niedersachsen app herunterladen kostenlos? It’s hard to tell; she’s a fish, after all!). An anonymous, faceless consumer – also obviously female – hovers above, pouring a stream of McCormick’s mustard on the fish’s head. The scene vaguely resembles a, ahem, money shot.

Though not relevant to determining her gender, it’s worth noting that the fish’s skin is gruesome in appearance, to say the least motogp spiel kostenlos downloaden. She appears to have grilled or roasted, to the degree that her scales are almost unrecognizable as such; they’re dark tan in color and even bear dark burn marks from the grill. And yet, she seems so happy and…aroused.

The text reads, “Tu comida se va a poner más buena,” which Google translates into “Your meal will bring more good”…though I’m guessing that’s rough at best mediathek view herunterladen.

In contrast, allow me to present the male “meat.”

McCormick - Chicken

We know that this animal corpse is male because he’s flexing his manly muscles for us! This “meat” was at one time a chicken or turkey, that is, before he was decapitated and roasted. The chicken stands proudly on two unnaturally thick and long back legs, which are heavily muscled; they resemble the legs of a human more than those of a bird, I think rollercoaster tycoon 4 download for free. Likewise, his wings appear way too large for his body, particularly given the bulging biceps on ’em. His chest is broad, his ass, delightfully perky. He’s one sexy corpse. Beefcake, indeed!

Like the fish, the chicken’s skin is painfully dark, roasted or grilled. Probably marinated, as well herunterladen. A different anonymous woman – or perhaps the same woman, in a change of clothing – is lathering the chicken’s shoulder with mustard.

While it’s a little unusual to see sexy meat masculinized, I wouldn’t call this change of pace delightful: violence in the form of corpse-eating should not be sexualized, no matter the meat’s gender; nor should non-human animals be reduced to meat, objectified and consumed kann ich musik von spotify herunterladen. As I’ve said before, they’re no more “meat” than you or I.

Nor is this gender equity liberating – because it’s not wholly equitable. True, violence against both genders is being played for laughs (and money) here, but it’s hardly apples to apples. Or fish to fish, if you prefer herunterladen.

It’s all in the poses. Whereas the female fish is presented in a submissive posture – splayed out on a platter, back arched, one fin placed coyly over her mouth, seemingly enjoying the male gaze she’s designed to please – the male is anything but (his missing head and brutalized corpse notwithstanding). The chicken’s pose is proud, strong, assertive: “Look at my manly masculine man muscles!” he command/boasts.

In short, the female fish looks as though she’s appearing in a porno, while the male chicken looks fit for a Mr. Universe contest. Both are (or can be, depending on your POV) objectifying, yes, but in different ways and to different degrees. And each celebrates wholly different traits, the stereotypically feminine and the stereotypically masculine.

Much like a PETA ad. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist getting a lil’ jab in there!)

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    I’m stealing these for Suicide Food!

    They’ll be right at home with these abominations:

  2. Kelly G. Says:

    Yes, totally!

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