Easy Vegan Summer Treats: Frozen Banana Slices

July 10th, 2009 3:56 pm by mad mags

Because I’m a crazy awesome doggy mama, I’m always on the lookout for toys and treats with which to spoil my dog-kids. So when I saw this recipe for banana “Ice Cream” at It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life, I knew I wanted to try it kostenlose radiosender herunterladen.

But, alas! – We don’t own any ice cube trays! (Drats, foiled again.) Ice cube trays are now on my shopping list, somewhere between plastic canisters and pastry flour, but some good that does me today blinkist titel herunterladen.

Instead, I decided to try freezing banana slices as a quick fix. The dogs used to love chewing on plain ole ice cubs, but we had to put the kibosh on that when one of Rennie’s teefies came loose apps herunterladen ios. (“Too much hard chewing,” admonished the vet.) That, and I’ve heard talk on the internets that ice cubes (and extremely cold, icy water) can cause digestive problems in dogs herunterladen. Possibly this is an urban legend; but I thought I’d throw it out there, just in case.

When frozen, bananas aren’t nearly as dense and hard as ice cubes, so they make for a nice, cold snack on a hot summer day libreoffice kostenlos windows 10. A nice, cold snack that won’t snap your furkid’s teeth in half! Plus, you can always half-freeze the slices or let them thaw a little before serving wieviel filme kann ich bei netflixen. Don’t let them thaw completely, though, as freezing and thawing changes the banana’s cell structure, such that a frozen-and-defrosted banana becomes very mushy and gooey vera 2018 herunterladen.

Take it from me; I learned the hard way (naturally!):

2009-07-10 - Frozen Banana Slices - 0005

Mushy or not, the dogs still gobbled ’em up gdata.

In human food news, last night I tried out Vivacious Vegan’s Best Brownies Ever sudoku download kostenlos deutsch. Super-yummy, and very easy to make. It’s a vegan recipe, so no pesky egg or dairy substitutions. Which actually makes this recipe easier than a boxed mix, even alf hörspiele kostenlosen. I have a horrible track record with brownies – somehow, I always manage to burn them – but even I couldn’t mess this one up.

2009-07-10 - Vivacious Vegan Brownies - 0006

As you can see, I used Dandies marshmallows in place of the walnuts. It was a risky choice – given my aforementioned ineptitude at brownie baking, and Dandies’ official status as a precious natural resource (shinier than diamonds, more valuable than a brick of gold, I tell ya) – but in the end, it totally paid off. Vegan win!

(One suggestion should you choose to try this recipe with Dandies, or any vegan marshmallows, for that matter. Fold the marshmallows into the batter last thing, preferably as you’re pouring the batter into the baking pan. This will keep the Dandies from browning and/or burning before the brownies are done baking.)

That’s my Friday food blogging. What have y’all been up to in the kitch?



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  1. Frugal vegans don’t waste food. » V for Vegan: easyVegan.info Says:

    […] critters.) Many fruits and veggies make for a yummy snack; in the summer time, frozen produce is an especially refreshing treat. If you cook for your nonhuman kids, incorporate extra foodstuffs into their menu. Just be careful […]

  2. Harry Says:

    Do you still have the Vivacious vegan best brownie recipe at all? The blog has been deleted now for some reason and they look so good. I really want the recipe but I can’t find it anywhere

  3. Kelly Garbato Says:

    @ Harry – Check your email! :)

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