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August 31st, 2009 9:40 pm by mad mags

2009-08-13 - Kaylee - 0002

She may look sweet and innocent here, but as I type this, Kaylee is dancing around my feet, woofing up a storm, for no discernible reason other than that she’s a pushy old broad. Did I mention that it’s getting late and my head hurts?

It’s been crazy ’round these parts the past few weeks, and as light as posting has been, my blogging will probably wane even more with the high summer temps revit families. Shane and I have a number of outdoor projects we’d like to finish before winter (winter, ack! no want!), and even though we’ve finally admitted defeat and called in the pros to knock out some tasks,

2009-08-27 - Tree Removal - 0001

I so hate that I paid someone to cut down trees. Hey, don’t look at me like that. It was euthanasia, not biocide.

there’s still plenty to do.

2009-08-30 - Yard, Rock Wall & Paths - 0010

I wonder what the previous homeowners would say if they knew we removed 50% of the landscaping they constructed herunterladen?

If I never have to build a rock wall again, I’ll die a happy vegan.

My brother-in-law also hired me to compile and analyze some data for him, a task that isn’t too overwhelming on a month-to-month basis – only, he needs me to go back almost a year. It’s all very tedious and time consuming, and the lines and lines of number and codes have my eyes crossing after only a few hours. And the paperwork – oh, the paperwork darf man von youtube videos herunterladen! I received a 30-pound box full of the stuff. And that’s only the first shipment!

So even though I’ve got dozens of ideas in the queue (which, fwiw, PETA is totally monopolizing at the moment), I’m either too busy, too tired or too sore (mentally, physically, emotionally, all of the above) to actually put pen to paper (errrr, fingers to keyboard). Which is killing me, since I tend to reflect on a topic to the point of obsession. That is, until I’m able to work out my thoughts in written form and thus, release them herunterladen. Right now they’re just rattling about, to and fro, all chaos-like. It’s not a comfortable feeling in my head, I tell you what. Luckily, yardwork and the resulting physical exhaustion are nice remedies.

Okay, so, before I lapse into rambling, which I fear I already have: yesterday was Peedee’s birthday! We adopted him when he was a little bugger, just seven months old, and yesterday he turned seven! I missed Ralphie’s adoption day in July – like, totally missed it, did not even realize until a week later, and was such an asshat about it that I gave him a bath for his anniversary instead of a cake – so I kind of made a big deal about fawning all over Peedee. We spent a good part of the day moving gravel (which, if you think about it, was kind of a birthday present – the dogs loathe the gravel walkways in the backyard), but we treated Peedee to plenty of belly rubs and games of tag. With five dogs, it can sometimes be hard to pay equal and sufficient attention to them all – and Peedee’s our Jan Brady, for sure – so I tried to pamper him as much as possible yesterday.

I also made the dogs a batch of muffins – bite-size baby muffins! – using the Maple Cinnamon recipe from Molly at It’s A Vegan Dog’s Life.

2009-08-30 - Maple Cinnamon Mini-Muffins for Peedee's B-Day - 0003

I didn’t have ground flax or hemp seeds, but I did/do have a case (i.e., 6 8-ounce bags) of Flax & Company’s Ground Flax, Nuts & Seeds mix, which I scored on deep discount (by the case + manager’s special) at Amazon. (Oh, Amazon! I love you, I hate you, I can’t live without you.) I used three tablespoons of the nut/flax/seed mix instead of two; wheat germ would probably work well, too. Possibly one might also switch out a little of the canola oil for flax oil, if one were so inclined.

The dogs loved the muffins, though next time I think I’ll try divvying the batter between all the muffin tins, in order to make slightly smaller mini-muffins. The batter rose more than I expected, so the muffins were only bite-size for the larger dogs. Little O-Ren needed at least five bites to devour her muffin – a crucial delay that might result in stolen muffin scraps! Good thing I was around to police the affair.

2009-08-30 - Maple Cinnamon Mini-Muffins for Peedee's B-Day - 0013

Peedee wants me to stop taking photos and feed him his fucking birthday muffin already. He’s got his mommy’s potty mouth.

While the dogs were off sniffing poo, I scarfed a small bite. The muffins are kind of bland for human consumption, but not exceedingly so; a little brown sugar would probably go a long way towards making the recipe human-friendly. And maple syrup, yum.

Peedee shares a birthday with my younger sister, who turned 26 yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to find a veg-themed ecard for her on the front page of someecards. (Don’t worry, I sent her a real card and present too, sheesh!)

Today is Ozzy’s 11th birthday, but since he’s on a restricted diet, no homemade treats for him!

2009-01-13 - Ozzy - 0005

Before you oooh and ahhh “Poor Ozzy!,” just know that he gets off on enticing me to rub his mushy belly, lulling me into complacency, and then biting me about the hand and wrist when I least suspect it. I’d say he’s a misogynist, but then again he used to go out of his way to pee in Shane’s brother’s closet – on his laundry, natch! – when the three lived together. Not because of a biological or behavioral problem, mind you, but just because. *shrug*

Next up on the calendar: Kaylee and Jayne’s adoption day/guesstimated birthdays on September 30th. I think I’ll try my hand at a cake this time around. It’s bad enough that we don’t know their real birthdays, but then they have to share an adoption day on top of it. No fairs.



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