Kinship Circle: Louisiana Vet Marcy Miranov "Kills Without Cause"

September 7th, 2009 10:47 am by Kelly Garbato

I’m a little late in forwarding this alert from Kinship Circle, and in the interim, there’s been a development in the case. Not surprisingly, it hasn’t resulted in justice for the animals killed by veterinarian Marcy Miranov (and Dr. John Edwards, as well).

Reports The Times-Picayune:

Raw emotions and poor record-keeping triggered whirling accusations of animal cruelty at Jefferson Parish’s animal shelters, according to the results of an independent study released today.

But no laws were broken when 51 cats and dogs were euthanized on Aug. 13 at the parish’s Elmwood facility, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discovered. […]

“Our report is not a glowing report about what’s going on in interoperation,” said Ana Zorrilla, chief executive officer of the state SPCA. “We certainly hope that it’s well received and we certainly hope that the public reads parts and pieces of it, that it’s really seen as an opportunity to improve those operations, not just as criticism or critique of what’s been going on there.”

The SPCA’s representatives worked in an atmosphere already emotionally charged by the abrupt resignation of the shelters’ director, Lee Ann Matherne. She quit the day before the animals were put down.

The most glaring problem appeared to be shoddy record-keeping and lackluster policy management, Zorrilla said. The shelters have four different written policies governing euthanasia. Each one says a different set of people need to approve each procedure.

As far as the SPCA could tell, none of them were being followed. But since none were being implemented, no policies were broken, Zorrilla said.

The SPCA report, however, dispelled several rumors that arose from that incident. Dr. Marci Miranov, the parish’s senior veterinarian in Marrero, had clearance to work at the Elmwood shelter, Zorrilla said. Her colleague, Dr. John Edwards, did not stop her from euthanizing the animals on Aug. 13, as some animal activists suspected. Rather, he assisted her in her work.

The cats put down that day had been sedated, Zorrilla said, contrary to reports that Miranov was lethally injecting the animals without killing the pain first.

The report also found the number of animals put down that day were average. Euthanasia sessions don’t occur daily, which accounts for larger numbers when one is conducted, officials said.

Zorrilla did say that the SPCA found that some of the animals killed that day were adoptable.

“Some were sick, some were feral, but some were strictly space conditions,” she said.

Parish President Aaron Broussard said he would be asking the Parish Council to enact several ordinances Wednesday that would go a long way to cleaning up the poor conditions at the shelters. Broussard has asked that the parish hire the American SPCA to take over the shelters for 90 days, that his administration begin searching for an outside group that could permanently run the facilities and that he enter negotiations to transfer the Marrero shelter to a new site – a former West Jefferson Medical Center clinic near the Oakwood Mall.

(Background here.)

If you choose to act on this alert, please take the SPCA’s findings and recommendations into account. In addition to turning control of the parish shelters over to an outside organization, please urge Jefferson Parish to work in concert with local animal rescue organizations in order to make NOLA a no-kill city. By “no-kill,” I mean truly no-kill – this goes for “feral” and “less adoptable” cats and dogs, too. While shelters may not have the time or resources to rehab animals with medical or behavioral problems, some rescue groups do; some even specialize in these cases.

Whether any human law was violated or not, this slaughter needn’t have happened. Judging from ARNO’s comments, little-to-no effort was made to place these animals in rescue groups prior to killing them – and this is simply unacceptable.

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From: Kinship Circle – info [at]
Date: Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 11:23 AM
Subject: Louisiana Vet Kills Without Cause [Friends of Kinship Circle]

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8/28/09: Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana Vet Kills Without Cause

ALERT WRITER: Charlotte Bass Lilly, executive director, ARNO
table25 [at], 504-522-0222,


Charlotte Bass Lilly, ARNO, writes: [August 14] between 6am and 9am, Dr. Marcy Miranov, Westbank Jefferson Parish shelter contract veterinarian, traveled to to the Eastbank shelter and took 18 dogs out of the adoptable kennels, some of whom had been adopted and awaited pickup. In addition she took the entire population of cat ISO, 13-15 cats and kittens, and euthanized all by lethal IV injection (with NO pre-sedation).

WHY? There were 12 empty kennels in stray hold, as well as open small kennels. Many [killed] were highly adoptable small and medium dogs, i.e. jack russell, min pin, boston terrier mix, chi mix… I can figure no reason why any doctor of veterinary medicine would do such a thing.

I understand that Dr. Miranov’s contract does not authorize her to be at the Eastbank shelter, except in a medical emergency. No one okayed the killings, but the kennel manager and staff stood by quietly — perhaps afraid after the unexpected firing of Leeann Matherne, past director of Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter Division. The slaughter continued until Eastbank veterinarian, Dr. John Edwards, arrived at 9am. He was horrified…

Some Jefferson Parish adoptables…

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LT: Princess, CONTACT Amy, 304-832-4112 or ahmoloney [at]

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RT: Miri, CONTACT fjaskittens [at]



Dr. Miranov had recently reported to the DEA that Ms. Matherne was stealing drugs for resale. DEA found no drugs missing…Matherne was drug tested and passed. The “drug rumors” arose as retaliation after Dr. Miranov was terminated by Matherne (but somehow kept her job). This stirs questions about Jeff Parish authorities. Why was Dr. Miranov allowed to return? Whose agenda did this suit? Certainly not those with animal welfare in mind…

[ARNO’s] relationship with Jefferson Parish shelters, as well as municipal shelters in a five parish area, is well-known among rescuers. ARNO has supplied wet cat food pallets to encourage volunteer TNR efforts. We’ve sent donated pallets of quality canned dog and kitten food… We’ve taken dogs, cats, and kittens considered unadoptable due to health/behavioral issues older age… Our role in helping these shelter animals is purposefully done to work together towards a no-kill community. Events like [needless slaughter] send this shelter, and Jefferson Parish, reeling into the past…


Charlotte Bass Lilly, ARNO, writes: I urge you to call, fax or write. The horror of this occurrence should result in Dr. Miranov —

1. Losing her license to practice veterinary medicine, as she has violated her oath;
2. Charges and prosecution for 33 cases of animal cruelty/abuse;
3. Termination of her contract to serve the parish in any capacity; and
4. Reinstatement of Leeann Matherne as Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter Division director.

Aaron F. Broussard, Jefferson Parish President
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Suite 1002; Jefferson, LA 70123
ph: 504-736-6400; fax: 504-736-6638
email: ABroussard [at]

Jefferson Parish Council:
ChrisRoberts [at], BJLawson [at], EltonLagasse [at], BBordelon [at], ByronLee [at], PWJackson [at], JohnYoung [at], SBurke [at], RBlanchard [at], ThomasCapella [at], MThomas [at], BGrenrood [at], LouisCongemi [at], NNicolosi [at], CynthiaLeeSheng [at], RHinyub [at]


The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter Department
Tiffany Peperone, Interim, Director
#1 Humane Way; Jefferson, LA 70123
ph: 504-736-6111; fax: 504-736-8729
email: JPAnimalShelter [at]

Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine
263 Third Street, Suite 104; Baton Rouge, LA 70801
ph: 225-342-2176; fax: 225-342-2142
email: admin [at]
Complaint Form:


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The photo – which has nothing to do with the actual content of the post; rather, I stumbled upon it by accident while searching for pictures of a Jefferson Parish animal shelter and found it friggin’ adorable – is via Paul Douroux on Flickr.

Title & caption: Hipbone in Jefferson Parish; Mardi Gras Day 2008.



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One Response to “Kinship Circle: Louisiana Vet Marcy Miranov "Kills Without Cause"”

  1. Brook Says:

    When I first saw the title of this article i was shocked. You see, Dr. Miranov is my personal vet and has been for a few years. I am a huge animal advocate as well as foster parent for puppies and kittens. Dr. Miranov takes care of all my pets and any fosters i am caring for and i have NEVER met a more caring vet in my life. She went so over the top above and beyond saving our adopted kittens life. After reading this I did do some searching. I am a huge animal advocate after all. The investigation found no merit in any of the points you mention above. She was innocent of any wrong doing. This was a rumor mill started due to missing drugs. The SPCA released documents to this. She did put animals to sleep. I don’t agree to putting healthy animals down BUT i also do not have to take every animal in like animal control does. They can’t pick and choose who fills their shelters. This has nothing to do with the ethics and care Dr. Miranov shows her patients everyday.

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