The easyVegan Weekend Activist, No. 22

September 25th, 2009 10:25 pm by Kelly Garbato

Action Alerts: Animal & Environmental Advocacy

Animal Rights @ Change .org: A Chance to Help Midwestern Waterfowl

ASPCA: USA: Help Make Pet Care More Affordable–Support the HAPPY Act! [H.R. 3501—Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years (“HAPPY”) Act]

Audubon: Defend the Clean Air Act

Center for Biological Diversity: Save the Clean Air Act, Curb Global Warming

Center for Biological Diversity: Leopold’s Legacy Threatened by Off-road Vehicles

Center for Biological Diversity: Support a New National Monument in California

CREDO Action: Tell the Senate: Hands off the EPA

DawnWatch: Rescue Ink tonight on the National Geographic Channel! 9/25/09

DawnWatch: Undercover farm investigation and dogfighting both on NPR 9/22- 9/24/09

DawnWatch: Animal Friendly bills supported by LA Times and San Diego Union Tribune — week ending 9/19/09

DawnWatch: NY Times front page on dairy farm water pollution 9/18/09

Earthjustice: Tell Congress: Don’t Weaken the Clean Air Act

Earthjustice: Defend America’s Wild Forests!

Ecological Internet / Climate Ark: Copenhagen (and You) Must Cut Carbon Emissions by at Least 10% During 2010

Environmental Defense Fund: Urge Your Senators to Oppose the Backward Murkowski Amendment and to Support Strong Climate Action

Greenpeace: The World is Ready for a Strong Climate Treaty

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Tell Zoos To Cut Ties With Circus Elephant Cruelty

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Help Stop Special Bowhunt to Kill Deer in Westchester

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Wild Horses Imperiled – Comments Needed Now!

NRDC: Tell the EPA to protect our water supplies from toxic coal ash and mountaintop removal mining

NRDC: Urge your senators to defeat harmful amendments to the Interior appropriations bill

NRDC: Tell the Obama Administration to postpone development in the Fortification Creek Planning Area. [If you choose to use the sample letter provided, please edit for speciesism.]

PETA: Rabbits Have Holes Cut Into Their Chests at ASU

PETA: Tell Lie Sang Bong to Ditch Fur! [Leather, too!]

PETA: Animals Are Being Killed at the University of Central Missouri

PETA: Ask Edmonton to Let Lucy Pack Her Trunk

PETA: Join Kim Basinger in Telling Yohji Yamamoto to Stop Using Fur! [Leather, too!]

PETA: High School Teacher Allows Gerbils to Starve to Death [Tampa, Florida’s Freedom High School]

Sierra Club: Don’t Let Congress Block Funds to Fight Global Warming

Sierra Club: Protect Colorado’s Roadless Areas

Sierra Club: Add Your Voice and Help Us Reach Our Goal by October 4th!

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): Urge your Senators to Protect the EPA’s Ability to Curb Global Warming Pollution

United Poultry Concerns (UPC): Urge ASPCA to Make Kapparot Chicken Abusers Give Water and Food to Crated, Suffering Chickens; A Post from NYC resident Rina Deych [Please see for background info and additional actions you can take. For example, urge the ASPCA to speak out against the abuse of chickens in Kapparot and work with Jewish religious leaders to replace sentient beings with objects such as bags of money — rather than just asking the ASPCA to ensure that these animals are given food and water before they’re brutally and needlessly slaughtered.]

The Wilderness Society: Urge President Obama to protect the Arctic

WSPA: Enough is enough: help Catalonia end bullfighting

Action Alerts: Human Rights

ACLU: Tell Your Senators You Want Patriot Act Reform

Amnesty International: Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone

CREDO Action: Repeal telecom immunity and roll back PATRIOT ACT abuses

CREDO Action: Let’s kick DOMA to the curb.

CREDO Action: Thank Speaker Pelosi for showing leadership in the public option fight.

NOW: Add Your Voice to NOW’s Call for Open Internet

National Women’s Law Center (NWLC): The First Lady’s Call to Action on Health Reform

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation: A Major Step Forward on Nuclear Disarmament

Patrick Leahy: Break Up Insurance Monopolies

Peace Team: It’s Time To Roll Back The So-Called Patriot Act

Public Citizen: Petition to President Obama: Turn Around the WTO!

Public Citizen: Tell Congress to Focus on Real Reform

True Majority: OMG GOP WTF?! [For every question you get right, CREDO mobile will donate 10 cents to True Majority; five questions total, this week only.]


Blisstree: Giveaway: Yogavive Apple Chips [Deadline: September 29]

The Campaign for Free Expression: Blasphemy Contest [Deadline: October 1]

Coconut Bliss: Win a Night of Bliss [Deadline: October 1]

It’s A Vegan Dog’s Life: Collar Flowers Giveaway! [Deadline: September 30]

The PETA Files: ‘Win It’ Wednesday: Vegan Guitar Strap [Deadline: October 7]

PETA2: The Agonist’s EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere and Contest! [Deadline: September 30]

PETA2: Free Stuff Friday: Jellyfish Mood Lamp! [Deadline: October 2]

The Sunshine Studio: Baby Muffalatta – Interview & Giveaway [Deadline: September 27]

Vegan Appetite: Love Soup! Review, Interview, Recipe and Contest! [Deadline: September 30]


CREDO Action: Get Your Free OMG GOP WTF Sticker!


ASPCA: eNews, September 25, 2009 – Cat Survives Attack with Steel-Toe Boot

Best Friends: eNews, September 25, 2009 – From homeless to heroic

Center for Biological Diversity: Endangered Earth Online, No. 479, September 24, 2009 – Jaguar Killers Sued, Bats Get Help, Murkowski Loses

Compassion Over Killing (COK): Compassionate Action, September 24, 2009 – NBC4 news, veg pledge, and more!

In Defense of Animals (IDA): IDA eNews, September 24, 2009 – Two Huge Court Victories!

Vegan Outreach: eNewsletter, September 23, 2009 – Facebook, Twitter, & Brownies

Petitions: Animal & Environmental Advocacy

Help Support the Creation of Marine Reserves

Act Now for Trade Justice! (For more on the link between NAFTA — and other free trade agreements — and animal exploitation, see Free Trade Kills Animals.)

Save America’s Ribbon Seals!

Defend the Clean Air Act

Protect National Parks from Climate Change

Protect America’s Oceans and Great Lakes!


Petition to Enforce Laws Fairly, and to Investigate Corruption in Iberville Parish


FireBull – stop the burning of live Bulls

Petitions: Human Rights

September is Hunger Action Month — Fight to End Hunger! [Please include a note about vegan and vegetarian meal options!]

Equal Opportunity for All

Free the Internet and End the Digital Divide!

Give One Minute for Peace

GOP: Stop Spewing Health Care Lies

End Discriminatory Health Insurance Practices

Quit the Bickering! Give Us Real Health Insurance Reform

‘Round the Interwebs

American Humane Association: Downloadable Foreclosure Pets Resources

Animal Rights @ Change .org: Around the World: Horses, Dogs, Hens, Tuna, and Bulls

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR): If An Agent Knocks

Digging Through the Dirt: HSUS Scrambles Campaign’s Message

HSUS: Resurgence of Animal ‘Crush’ Videos Reinforces Need for Federal Depiction of Animal Cruelty Law

Quarry Girl: ronald’s donuts: vegan lab results

Upcoming Events

Farm Sanctuary: Walk for Farm Animals – September through October 2009

Animal Aid: National Anti-Shooting Week (UK) – Monday, September 21 through Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vegan Month of Food: Vegan MoFo III (2009 edition) – October 2009

FARM and United Poultry Concerns (UPC): Protest at the National Chicken Council Conference, Fairmont Hotel in DC, Thursday, October 1st, 2009, Noon- 2:00pm

World Farm Animals Day – Friday, October 2, 2009

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary: ThanksLiving 4.0 – Sunday, October 18, 2009 in Woodstock, NY

The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN): Ally Week – Monday, October 19 through Friday, October 23, 2009

Best Friends: No More Homeless Pets National Conference – Friday, October 23 through Sunday, October 25, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV

In Defense of Animals (IDA): World Go Vegan Week – Sunday, October 25 through Saturday, October 31, 2009

Defenders of Wildlife: Carnivore Conservation in a Changing World – Sunday, November 15 through Wednesday, November 18, 2009 in Denver, Colorado

Farm Sanctuary: NY and CA Thanksgiving Celebration FOR the Turkeys – Saturday, November 21, 2009 in Watkins Glen, New York and Orland, California

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM): The Art of Compassion Gala Celebrating PCRM’s 25th Anniversary, Saturday, April 10, 2010 in Malibu, California

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“The easyVegan Weekend Activist” is a weekly roundup of animal and environmental advocacy action alerts, campaign updates, carnivals, contests, newsletters, petitions, upcoming events and miscellaneous resources, posted every weekend at Follow the links provided in order to learn more and take action!

For the time being, the weekly newsletter-esque format will replace the near-daily link roundups I previously posted under the title “easyVegan Link Sanctuary.” Hopefully, this condensed, once-weekly “newsletter” will free up some time so that I can perform more meaningful blogging. If you have any questions or comments about the new format, please drop me a line in the comments section!

While my primary focus is non-human animals and the environment in which they live, I will cover human rights issues as well, especially as they relate to animal and environmental welfare. (For example, while reproductive rights is typically seen as a feminist or women’s issue, the growing global human population does have environmental consequences. In this vein, access to family planning resources has a tangible impact on the environment – an environment we share with non-human animals.)

This link roundup is meant as a jumping-off point for you, the reader, to take further action and learn more about the issues presented here. I link, you decide!

If you have a link you’d like included, please drop me a line at easyvegan [at] – or leave it in the comments! Feedback is also appreciated, particularly as it relates to the links included above. I’ve tried my best to identify and name any speciesism, sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, sizeism, etc. which may appear in the resources above; if, however, I’ve overlooked something, please leave a note in the comments. It’s not my desire to fight one form of oppression by engaging in another.

If you’d like to get on the above organizations’ e-mail lists, I’ve compiled a full list of all my resources on the Get Active! page.

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