Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 9: Rape is Torment (& also, The Death of Cake)

September 29th, 2009 12:24 pm by mad mags


Robert Melia & Heather Lewis:
accused child (read: cow/calf and human/girl) rapists.

I, Bonobo: There’s plenty more where this came from

veganprimate points to the case of Robert Melia – a former police officer who, along with his girlfriend, was arrested for sexually assaulting three girls – as a demonstration of the link between the exploitation of women and that of nonhuman animals american truck simulator kostenlosen. Melia’s misogyny only came to light because Melia was under investigation for engaging in “oral sex” (read: rape) with calves. Though the animal cruelty charges were dismissed by a judge – according to whom, a grand jury had no way of knowing whether the animals were “tormented” by the assault – police found

videos on his computer of a girl being “subjected to sexual activity” in addition to taped encounters between Melia and the calves.

While I’m glad the assistant prosecutor seems to be taking animal abuse seriously, the cynic in me can’t help but think he’s simply latching onto this “lesser” offense for leverage facetune herunterladen. Either way, it’s doubtful that Melia and girlfriend Heather Lewis will serve much time, as rape is too often minimized and excused in our kyriarchal society.

On that note, methinks New Jersey Judge James J. Morley needs to be schooled on animal abuse, interpersonal violence and intersectionality 80s music for free.

Judge James J. Morley
Burlington County Cts. Facility
49 Rancocas Road
Mt. Holly, New Jersey 08060
Fax: 609-518-2551

Be firm but polite!

Lisa @ Sociological Images: A Summary Visual Of Women’s Objectification

In a could-be-vegan spin on the ever-popular women-as-meat meme, I bring you: women-as-cake tom 2 herunterladen! Sure, there’s a dudely version of the photo too, but as Lisa points out, it’s sans copy – and probably wasn’t plastered on the magazine’s cover, as were the woman’s sliced and dismembered buttocks.

Lisa @ Sociological Images: Germany’s Green Party Uses Stereotypes Of Black Women To Get Votes

In which Germany’s Green Party implies that people/women of color are only good for fucking iphone pdf downloaden. As in, literally:


Caption: “The only reason to choose Black. Time for Green.”

Me: Speechless.

Lisa @ Sociological Images: On Metaphor (And Penis Fencing Flatworms)

Lisa dissects a vintage nature documentary clip from PBS on flatworm reproduction adobe elements 12 downloaden. Though flatworm anatomy/biology/sexuality is quite different from that of humans (for starters, hermaphroditism is the norm among flatworms), this doesn’t prevent the narrator from using gendered human stereotypes in order to describe the hows and whys of flatworm reproduction. Thus, the documentary is riddled with all sorts of sexist language, to wit: sex as “war,” “penis fencing,” “double daggers,” “swordsmen,” and – my personal pick for worst of the worst – mother-as-“loser.”

Glenn @ Liberation BC: Pigeons are survivors

Glenn comments on David Eby’s comments on the remodeling of Pigeon Park in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) – described by Glenn as “one of the poorest postal codes in Canada” – in which Eby draws a comparison between pigeons and people:

Everyone knows it’s Pigeon Park, and for a park name, it’s probably the most fitting park name in the world card games for free withouting. Pigeons are birds that have managed, despite all odds, to survive in the urban environment. Pigeons are survivors.

Pigeons are also hated. Called nuisances. Fenced out, chased out, kicked when they’re down. Probably a story that, good and bad, sounds all too familiar to many of the folks that use that park Downloading windows update is not possible.

Philosophía and Animal Liberation: The Struggle for Animal Rights Amongst other Struggles

[N]ot only is animal liberation linked to that of humans, but it is impossible to separate the two. Animal liberation works alongside human liberation. To ignore one side is to divide and weaken the movement as a whole.

Hardee’s: I think the shirt says it all java oracle download kostenlos.

I think the shirt says it all.  on Twitpic

For once, I agree with Hardee’s.

(h/t, diggingTTdirt)



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