VeganMoFo, Day 8: On the eighth day, Dog made hummus.

October 8th, 2009 11:27 am by mad mags


2009-10-06 - Peedee Wants <a class=pdf reader gratisen! - 0002" />


Okay, so technically I made this particular batch of hummus, and on the sixth day of VeganMoFo, but wevs. I totes caught that smile tugging at the corners of your mouth, and there’s no taking it back!

Anyhow, I have seriously been jonesing for hummus lately; a few weeks back, I cracked open a jar of black olive hummus that had been languishing in the back of the cupboard for nearly five years – maybe more, who knows – flew through it in a day or two, and have been salivating for another fix since swisscom tv aufnahmen downloaden. I’ve been meaning to making my own batch for some time, but have been lacking the necessary culinary confidence…until now!

In Googling for hummus recipes, I quickly came upon a whole page of them on (Note: not all of the recipes are vegan, but those that aren’t, are easily veganized.) While red pepper and sundried tomato hummus both sound delish, I decided to play it safe my first time around cod bo3. I had some leftover Kalamata olives gathering frost in the freezer, so the starter recipe really chose me: Kalamata Olive Hummus it was!

I more or less followed the instructions, with a few minor modifications: I omitted the red pepper flakes (I’m a-not-so-spicy!), upped the cumin by a tad, and used a lot more lemon juice – in fact, lemon juice is all I used to thin the hummus out videos von amazon prime herunterladen! Because I ran the food processor quite a bit, the olives were pretty much pulverized by the time I was done; if you’d prefer larger olive chunks, wait until you’re almost done taste testing to add them to the mix.

There’s this awesome Middle Eastern bakery/restaurant down the street from my husband’s office; whenever they cater in with the Jerusalem Cafe, the Mr zeitschriften kostenlos herunterladen. brings home the extra pita bread and leftover hummus-and-pita sandwiches. I love love love their hummus blend, and imagine that I’ll spend some time trying to replicate it. I think I have the taste down – very lemony – but the texture is tougher: based on my one lone experiment, it doesn’t seem as though I was able to blend the chickpeas into a creamy, even smoothness mac os without app store. I wonder: would cooking them a bit prior to processing help?

So anyway, for Tuesday night’s dinner, we spread the hummus on fresh pita bread ( has a recipe, but we used what we had on hand) and topped it with a a bag salad mix and some diced tomatoes.

2009-10-06 - Hummus On Pita - 0005

I know, I know, what a dreadful photo; but in my defense, the lighting is horrific after like 4 PM yoga vidya app herunterladen. Everywhere in the house! Seriously, my window of opportunity for taking passable food pics is way narrow. Like, barely enough to let a draft in.

Yesterday, I spread some of the leftovers on water crackers, topped it off with paper-thin slices roma tomatoes, and got my nosh on before heading outside for the day microsoft teams app download kostenlos. Because it was taken around 1 PM, this shot came out much better:

2009-10-07 - Hummus On Crackers - 0005

All it needs is a little parsley, and zomg, what a cute lil’ FSMas spread!

Sadly, those baby tomatoes are the final sorry stragglers from my garden, which was an epic fail this year – but that’s a whole ‘nother post drei kameraden herunterladen.

Finally, if you’re all Ms. Big on Kalamata olives, you can make a loaf of Kalamata Olive Bread and enjoy double the Kalamata olive action:

2008-10-28 - Shane's Olive Bread - 0008




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3 Responses to “VeganMoFo, Day 8: On the eighth day, Dog made hummus.”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Oh, delish! You have to make pita, just once. It’s pretty labor intensive, and you may set off the smoke alarm since you have to bake them at like 500 degrees, but you will feel so badass. When I pulled those puffy little pitas out of the oven and realized that *they actually had pockets,* I squealed with glee. You’ll love it!

  2. Kelly G. Says:

    Oooh, pockets! I’m sold!

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