VeganMoFo, Day 11: Monday Mashup On a Sunday

October 11th, 2009 11:24 pm by Kelly Garbato


Vegan Food Mashup - 04 - Vegan Food on Flickr, without Recipes

Today was a busy one: the Mr. and I spent the morning cleaning the house, had a quick lunch (leftover mac & cheese – recipe forthcoming!), hit a matinee showing of Whip It*, picked up a few miscellaneous consumables at the nearest Buy More on the way back, and got home in time to feed the dogs a late dinner. As far as blogging goes, I found just enough steam to put together this week’s easyVegan Activist, and that’s it. I’m so, so ready for bed. But I’d hate to break my MoFo streak, so instead of missing Day #11, I’m phoning it in instead. That’s right: here’s my Get Out of Jail Free card, in the form of a Monday Mashup…on Sunday.

This batch of food p0rn hails from the Flickrs, but unlike last Monday’s Mashup, they do not some equipped with instructions. Should you wish to duplicate any of these dishes, culinary experimentation is the name of the game. Just remember to take plenty of photos – and grab a partner to double the yum!

* If Kaylee were a Roller Grrrl, her name would be “Marshmallow Cunt.”** She’s soft and mushy, yet surprisingly badass.

2007-12-05 - Cpt Kaylee's Booty - 0025

Also: she’s lacking a dozen teeth, give or take. Getting ’em kicked out by a stray skate wheel is a much more interesting story than bad genetics and owner neglect, dontchathink?

** For myself, I quite like “Cunt Dracula.” Actually, I’m a wee bit surprised that persona isn’t already claimed!



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4 Responses to “VeganMoFo, Day 11: Monday Mashup On a Sunday”

  1. Warrior Two Says:

    Anarchy cupcakes! *dies smiling*

  2. jeni treehugger Says:

    Anarchy cupcakes! Chocolate skulls!
    I am happy.

  3. Shannon Says:

    I love that Kaylee is rocking a pirate bandanna and giving crazy-face while surrounded by gold coins and Captain Morgan. Under the Christmas tree. LOVE.

  4. Kelly G. Says:

    @ Warrior & jeni – Somehow I feel like I’m diminishing the badassitude of the anarchy cupcakes and chocolate skulls by squealing over how cute they are, but THEY ARE SO CUTE!

    @ Shannon – What can I say, the old broad loves her rum and booty!

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