VeganMoFo, Day 19: Vegan Tweets

October 19th, 2009 9:31 pm by Kelly Garbato


Oh, Twitter. I love it, I hate it, I can’t live without it. Well, actually, that’s not true. I totally can (and sometimes do). Take, for example, the other day, when the site was down for 12 hours or so. Truth be told, I was a wee bit glad at its temporary implosion. Because in all honesty, Twitter can be a real timesuck, and occasionally I curse my husband for getting me started on it. (And the youths for their newfangled, cottonpicken, fly-by-night social media IT tools. MyyyySpaaaace!)

On the other hand, Twitter can be a hospitable place for vegans to network, navel gaze and – most importantly vis-à-vis VeganMoFo – share recipes (abridged vegan flame wars aside).

If you’re vegan and on Twitter, here are three trends to follow:

1. VeganMoFo: VeganMoFo has a Twitter account! Tweet your VeganMoFo posts using the hash tag #veganmofo, so readers can follow along, and retweet the daily VeganMoFo link roundups so your followers can get in on the action.

2. What Vegans Eat: Tweet your vegan meals, snacks, recipes and related blog posts, using the hash tag #whatveganseat. (These tweets were previously retweeted by @whatveganseat, but apparently Twitter’s TOS put the kabosh on that idea. Boo! Hiss! *middle finger*) In addition to sharing cooking ideas with fellow vegans, this also allows us to illustrate the variety and nomniness of vegan foods to non-vegans. And, who knows, perhaps one day there will be enough of us twittering our mid-morning snacks to launch #whatveganseat into the Trending Topics!

3. Vegan Help Bot: Veganhelp retweets cries for help from non-vegans thinking about transitioning to veganism. Follow @veganhelp in order to receive these tweets, and then offer up your expertise to a would-be-vegan in need.

Of course, you should also…

Hit me up!: @easyvegan

Keep an eye on the Trending Topics and use hash tags and keywords accordingly (e.g., the great animal ag #oink hijacking of 2009; beating cancer and vivisection).

Use hash tags on most (if not all) of your tweets; for instance, #vegan and/or #animalrights on any AR tweets.

Most importantly, remember to step away from the computer at regular intervals. Eat, sleep, shit, shower, play, frolic, rub soft warm doggy bellies, enjoy life a little. Twitter will still be there when you get back. Probably. Twitter or its replacement, anyhow.

Damn kids and their damn intertube trends.

Photo via seanbonner on Flickr, whom I do not know, nor have I ever accepted a vegan cupcake from.



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  1. Shannon Says:

    I’ve avoided the black hole of Twitter so far, but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out…

    LOL @ “nomniness”…I’m gonna steal that! :)

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