The Rodeo/Horse Slaughter Connection, Bullfighting & More: Recent Action Alerts from SHARK

October 25th, 2009 5:53 pm by Kelly Garbato

In cleaning out my inbox, I found the following action alerts from SHARK; I’m including them all here for simplicity’s sake (and because I cannot find them to link to on SHARK’s website). These are all from the group’s most recent enewsletter, dated October 14, 2009.

Rodeos Send Their Horses to Slaughter

Love is a Slaughter Line???!!!

Rodeos claim to care about their animals, so why do many of their worn-out bucking horses suffer the horror of a slaughterhouse? SHARK’s 141st YouTube video is one of the most graphic we have released, making the connection between rodeo and horse slaughter. We didn’t do it to sicken people. We did it to let people know just how cruel rodeo is, and how much rodeo animal victims are suffering. It brings into focus even more sharply the role of corporate sponsors such as Coca-Cola.
I hope you will watch this video, and then call Coke (800-438-2653/800-Get-Coke) and let the company know just what you think. It is because of big money from corporate sponsors like Coke that rodeo stock contractors are breaking their horses down, as well as overbreeding, and then casting the foals who don’t make the cut into the clutches of the horrific slaughter industry.
Foreign companies are killing America’s horses — many of them rodeo horses — to be sent abroad for human consumption.

Call your legislators and ask them to vote Yes on HR503 and S727 – Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009. For more information on what you can do, go to:

What Happened to Cajun Katy?

One of the Dozens of Injured Animals at CFD Rodeo

Cajun Katy was just one of the numerous horses injured during Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) Rodeo. See the heart-wrenching video here. What happened to her? CFD spokesman Bob Budd says the public doesn’t have the right to know. What are they hiding? Plenty! SHARK video documented dozens of animal injuries, and yet CFD claims they only treated seven animals.

We want to know the truth. Don’t you?

What You Can Do

Contact CFD and ask them: What happened to Cajun Katy? Ask them to release the animal injury and deaths reports from the rodeo.

Cheyenne Frontier Days
P.O. Box 2477
Cheyenne, WY 82003
Telephone: (800) 227-6336 or (307) 778-7222
Headquarters: (307) 778-7200
Fax: (307) 778-7213
Click here for the website feedback form.

Vold Henchman Jabs Cheyenne Rodeo Horse

Used Steel Rod to Make the Horse Buck

Rodeo people claim their animal victims are “born to buck.” If that’s true, then why did this rodeo thug slam a steel rod into the ribs of this horse over and over at the 2009 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo? See video here.

The Cheyenne Regional Medical Center was a chute sponsor and one of CFD’s top sponsors for this abusive rodeo. Sponsoring a dangerous event is one way of trying to generate more revenue for the hospital. They should remember the principles by which all physicians and medical personnel practice including ‘First, do no harm’. They are making the medical center and its staff appear to be hypocrites.

What You Can Do:

Contact Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and tell them what you think of their sponsorship of animal cruelty and deaths at the CFD Rodeo:

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
214 East 23rd Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 634-2273
email: comments [at]

PRCA Rodeo Teams Up With European Bullrings

Knives Being Used to Force Horses to Buck

As we discussed earlier this year, the PRCA has teamed up with bullrings in Europe to host rodeos. Like a typical rodeo, they are cruel events without regard to the animals involved.

The following is a link to a YouTube Video uploaded by Tony Moore of FAACE (Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe – from the two shows they attended in Valencia, Spain. See their video: Rodeo Europe Tour 2009 – Valencia bullring

As you can see in the video, bulls have their tails tied up in the buck straps to make them buck.

As we were preparing this update, we received the following update on this issue:

This is just to let you know that our video on YouTube has been interfered with. Someone flagged it and now everybody has to sign in and confirm, that they are not younger than 18 years.

It is a joke, children and babies were allowed in for free! We regard this as an effort on behalf of the cowboys to reduce the number of viewings.

Unfortunately they keep changing the schedule. So many places which were originally scheduled have been dropped.

They said they would be in Germany afterwards, 12 + 13, November. However, my man in Düsseldorf tells me, there are no tickets on sale, no posters up. I doubt they will dare to come to Germany as they are getting tons of hate mails.

What You Can Do:

Write to the following addresses to complain about the rodeos and the bullfights while you are at it. Some points to note from Tony of FAACE are:

Most of the things the rodeos are doing to the animals are banned in most European countries. They won’t be allowed to use the flank strap, the spurs, electro-shockers or sharp objects. They won’t be allowed to do bullriding, team roping, tie-down-roping and steer wrestling.

Tony feels there is a chance to get a number of the proposed rodeos cancelled.

GP Spain Eventos: prensa [at], info [at]
and ESFM Entertainment: javier [at], janet [at]

Spain’s Burning Bulls

The Bulls of Fire Festivals

At “The Bulls of Fire Festival” in Spain, bulls have balls of flammable material attached to their horns which are then light, and they are set free in the streets at night as a festive spectacle. Some bulls try to escape hours of agony by smashing into walls.

Click here to see video.

Spanish activists are running a campaign and the goal is 10,000 signatures on a petition to be hand-delivered to four Soria officials, with a copy to the president of Spain.

What You Can Do:

To sign the petition, click here.

In the comment section of the petition, leave a comment something like:

“I will boycott your country until you cease your bullfights and FireBull Fiestas.”

To send e-mail letters (samples provided in English and Spanish to copy and paste) to the Roman Catholic Church, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI & Vatican Officials, and other Spanish officials, click here.

We need to put pressure on the Pope to speak out against all these atrocities to bulls. Most Catholics worldwide do not support these barbaric acts of torture and the Pope needs to condemn those that do.



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