VeganMoFo, Day 30: Green Tea Cupcakes & Black Bean Brownies (Oh my!)

October 30th, 2009 6:08 pm by mad mags


Since VeganMoFo is coming to a close, I decided to spend the afternoon experimenting with two recipes I’ve been meaning to try, namely, Green Tea Cupcakes and Black Bean Brownies fifa for free. You may recall that I vowed to try the former at the beginning of the month – and what kind of VeganMoFo’er would I be if I broke that one teensy-weeny little promise herunterladen?

(Actually, funny story. When making the black bean brownies, I spent five+ minutes trying to coax the cover of the food processor to lock into place herunterladen. Turns out I had it on backwards the whole time. But wait! That’s not all! Later on, I set the oven timer to what I thought was 30 minutes amazon movies to. It went off 30 seconds later. Oy. Turns out I’m not much of a MoFo’er after all!)

First up: Green Tea Cupcakes with Matcha Glaze from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World ubuntu schriftart herunterladen. Two words: Fucking. Awesome. Seriously, these things rock. Assuming you like green tea, which I totally do.

2009-10-30 - Green tea cupcakes - 0007

The Matcha Glaze is kinda funky; before looking the recipe over, I thought the frosting would be a variation of Isa’s iconic vegan buttercream concoction, but as the name implies, it’s really a glaze wo kann ich kinofilme kostenlosen. It’s different, but nicely so. Also a bit of a relief, because the sugar-heavy buttercream tends to give me a sugar headache. (Any tips for reducing the sugar content wlan zum herunterladen? Should I just add more shortening/less sugar? Anyone?)

Matcha is on the expensive side, but most recipes don’t call for all that much. I originally purchased a small box to try out in the Green Tea recipe from Wheeler del Torro’s The Vegan Scoop (also awesome, btw); now, methinks it’ll remain a pantry regular blinkist buch herunterladen.

2009-08-01 - DIY Green Tea Ice Cream - 0004

The Black Bean Brownies, which I’m saving for tomorrow’s traditional Halloween horror movie marathon, were making the vegan blog round back in May. (Trendy, I am not.) This recipe is from Happy Herbivore; as usual, I substituted vegan marshmallows (Sweet & Sara) for the walnuts.

2009-10-30 - Black bean brownies - 0008

Hint: do not try to chop chilled Sweet & Saras in a food processor. Not only will you fail, you’ll also shake the bowl off its base. I shit you not.



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