TONIGHT: Hit Fox Show Bones to Spotlight Farm Sanctuary Footage

November 5th, 2009 6:40 pm by mad mags

I just spotted this notice from Farm Sanctuary in my inbox and thought I’d share audio von websiteen mac. Tune in to Fox tonight at 8PM Eastern time, where the “darkly comic procedural drama”* Bones will feature undercover factory farm footage secured by Farm Sanctuary and specially requested by the show’s star – fellow vegan Emily Deschanel ballerspiele kostenlos herunterladen.

Alas, I won’t be watching. Though I adore Bones, I’m somewhat of a newbie fan, and am only halfway through Season 4 on DVD herunterladen. Tonight’s episode will languish on my DVR until the Mr. and I catch up. So no spoilers, mkay?

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 4:04 PM
Subject: TONIGHT: Hit Fox Show “Bones” to Spotlight Farm Sanctuary Factory Farming Footage


Very exciting news microsoft word kostenlosen vollversion! Tonight’s episode (8pm/7 Central) of the hit FOX show “Bones” will be spotlighting Farm Sanctuary footage of cruel factory farming practices. Please see below for full details herunterladen. Make sure to tune in and please spread the word!

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Farm Sanctuary Footage of Cruel Factory Farming Practices Spotlighted on Hit FOX TV Show “Bones”

NEW YORK, NY – November 5, 2009 – Tonight’s episode of the hit FOX television show “Bones” (airing at 8pm/7 Central), starring vegan actress and Farm Sanctuary supporter Emily Deschanel, will prominently feature factory farming footage secured by Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, as part of a plot-line surrounding a murder that takes place at a chicken farm gutschein vorlagen kostenlos downloaden.

The footage, which was requested by Deschanel, will educate thousands of mainstream viewers about the cruel conditions animals are forced to endure on factory farms truck simulator kostenlosen vollversion. The episode also features a character who rescues a pig and asks her coworkers for donations so that she can sponsor her at a sanctuary.

To further raise awareness of the horrors of factory farming, FOX is featuring a special message from Deschanel on their website ( urging people to support Farm Sanctuary by sponsoring an animal in need iphone bilder herunterladen windows 7.

To learn more about “adopting” one of Farm Sanctuary’s rescued animals, please visit

About Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary is the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization. Since incorporating in 1986, Farm Sanctuary has worked to expose and stop cruel practices of the “food animal” industry through research and investigations, legal and institutional reforms, public awareness projects, youth education, and direct rescue and refuge efforts. Farm Sanctuary shelters in Watkins Glen, N.Y., and Orland, Calif., provide lifelong care for hundreds of rescued animals, who have become ambassadors for farm animals everywhere by educating visitors about the realities of factory farming. Additional information can be found at or by calling 607-583-2225.


* So sayeth Netflix, much to my puzzlement; Law & Order is a procedural crime show; Bones, not so much.


Photo via Farm Sanctuary on Flickr.

Caption: Emily Deschanel raises awareness about the plight of turkeys among Celebration guests. Photo by Connie Pugh for Farm Sanctuary.



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  1. Jennie Says:

    We watch Bones every week, and were very nervous about the way the script was going to treat animal rights/factory farming/veganism, even though we knew Deschanel is a vegan (actually, I think both Emily and Zoey are vegans). Maybe it wasn’t the best representation of the issues, but it was the fairest I’ve ever seen on public television. Very interesting…

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