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November 22nd, 2009 11:31 am by mad mags

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So I’ve decided to scrap the easyVegan Weekend Activist – or, at the very least, shelve it for awhile nintendogs herunterladen. Gradually it started to suck up more and more of my time, to the point where I was spending at least as much time compiling links as I was writing actual content each week itunes all purchases. Plus, I never really was sure how many readers made use of it. When I look back at which posts receive the most traffic, the longer essays and/or pieces on intersectionality almost always come out on top – and, since it’s more enjoyable for me, I think I’d rather concentrate my efforts on these topics for now legal pages to download music.

Perhaps I’ll revisit and revise the link roundup in 2010 – cull my email subscriptions so that the only newsletters that make their way to my inbox are from genuinely pro-animal organizations, as opposed to much of the welfare crap I was posting (with caveats!) previously Spotify iphone. I’m feeling rather burned out on the triage work, and extremely frustrated with a majority of animal and environmental advocacy groups wo finde ich herunterladen. (Talk about stating the obvious, huh?) Or maybe I’ll draw up a link roundup using bitly, so I can see how many readers actually utilize the action alerts musik herunterladen soundcloud. Until then, feel free to sign up to receive email alerts from any of these human/animal/enviro advocacy groups mp3 grabber download for free.

As for the frequency of posting, I hope to pick up the pace in coming weeks. Normally an already-anxious/depressive personality type, the change in time and season has hit me especially hard this year herunterladen. Even with my trusty sun lamp, I can feel the rain clouds sucking the energy out of me. Come 5PM sunset, I’m ready for dinner and bed. (Lethargy, I has it!) But I’m all caught up on the year-long backlog of paperwork I had to tackle for work, so I should be able to squeeze in some more blogging herunterladen. I’m also hard at work on another project, which I’ll be ready to unveil in a few weeks. (Until then, if you’d like a hint….)

So anyway, that’s where I’m at delphi software. And you?

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