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Anti-Feminist Vegetarian Bingo: We treat women like pieces of meat.

Update, 12/27/10: The bingo cards now have their own page, y’all! View all four cards (and counting) on one page, complete with plain-text versions and links to debunkings and refutations.



Naturally, I couldn’t single out speciesist feminists without also going after their sexist counterparts, i.e., anti-feminist vegetarians; that just wouldn’t be fair!

(And vegans! I used “vegetarian” throughout the card only because this is the larger of the two groups, numerically speaking. Vegans can be and oftentimes are just as sexist as vegetarians, so feel free to generalize this card for use on vegans, too.)

Besides, these groups are two sides of the same coin – the main difference being whom they dehumanize, objectify and exploit.

Of course, as with Speciesist Feminist Bingo, you can also use any one of the many Anti-Feminist Bingo cards on your sexist vegetarian friends/acquaintances/trolls. But if it’s an animal rights-themed challenge you want, Anti-Feminist Vegetarian Bingo it is.

To those who cannot view the image: make the jump for a plain-text version of the card. Links to debunkings and refutations forthcoming.* (As are additional cards and series. Racist Vegetarian Bingo, anyone?)

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian – or, heck, even an omnivore – and find yourself perpetuating any of the injustices on these here cards, for the love of dog, stop!


“Sex sells.” Uses “rape” to describe a situation wherein a sexual assault did not occur. Likens fat vegans to mythical creatures such as unicorns and compassionate conservatives. Is ‘pro-life’ – for everyone. “You’re just fat / ugly / jealous / humorless / can’t get a date / in need of a good lay.”
Idolizes the Suicide Girls – for their compassion and kindness, of course. Volunteers to leaflet the funeral of a murdered abortion provider. Mocks a woman’s body, when it’s her actions that are ugly. Points to the outrage elicited by an offensive campaign as evidence of its success. Is an active member of the PETA2 Street Team.
“Breasts, not animal tests!” Makes violence against women look sexy. Free square: PETA’s Kimberley Hefner “Uncle Sam” ad “PETA objectifies / sexualizes / exploits men, too!” Responds to criticism w/: Why can’t we all just get along?; We’re on the same side here.; etc.
Thinks campaigns involving female nudity are “original” and “creative.” Asks vegans, “Why do you hate animals?” Dismisses angry women as “mentally ill,” “hysterical,” “in need of professional help.” Launches into an impromptu rant about that “she-devil” Sarah Palin. Accuses vegan feminists of trying to control / oppress / veil other women.
Uses the oppression of animals to excuse the marginalization of humans. Employs the words bitch, cow, pig, dog, etc. as insults. Denies they’re sexist and speciesist. Blogs at ecorazzi. Appropriates women’s history; has only a passing knowledge of / interest in the issue(s). Considers Skinny Bitch an animal rights classic.


* As you can see, I’ve started adding links to the plain-text card; for those keeping score, the last update was on 2/8/11.



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