Speciesist Feminist Bingo: We treat animals like pieces of meat.

December 16th, 2009 9:52 am by Kelly Garbato

Update, 12/27/10: The bingo cards now have their own page, y’all! View all four cards (and counting) on one page, complete with plain-text versions and links to debunkings and refutations.


Speciesist Feminist Bingo


Hey, now. You didn’t think I could skewer defensive omnivores without specifically targeting the speciesist feminist set, did you? You did!? Hmph. Guess that just goes to show how little you know me.

Of course, you can certainly whip out your Defensive Omnivore Bingo cards when playing with omnivore feminists; most likely, they’re just as apt to try those silly excuses on you as are anti-feminist or feminist-ignorant omnivores. But if you’re hankering for a challenge, Speciesist Feminist Bingo is a nice change of pace, I think.

As with Defensive Omnivore Bingo, I’m already halfway through a second card, so if you’ve got any suggestions, drop ’em in the comments. Nor have I linked to any resources in the plain-text version of the card – though I do think it would be fun to make a running series of posts out of debunking the statements, one square at a time.* We shall see.

Again, click on the photo to embiggen in Flickr.


Purchases a purebred dog from a breeder. Can’t find a rescue dog to her liking. Approvingly quotes Carol Adams while scarfing down a BLT. Always uses “no-harm wool” in her subversive, patriarchy-smashing craft projects! Is incensed by Whoopi Goldberg’s defense of Roman Polanski; Michael Vick, not so much. Claims that pregnant women need meat. Is not expecting / is childfree.
Treats her mom to a plate of five-star veal on Mother’s Day. Purchases a purebred dog from a breeder. Can’t be bothered to search Petfinder. Equates the butchering of animals with unconventional sex. “Bill Maher is a vegetarian.” Recycles traditional justifications for sexism (etc.) in defense of speciesism.
Eagerly engages in rape apologism when the victims are nonhuman animals. Refers to retrogressive menfolk as “sexist pigs.” Free square: An attractive lady with a hamburger for a head. Claims veganism will divert time / attention / energy away from her feminist activism. Denies that exploitation in animal agriculture is gendered; “we eat males, too.”
Dismisses veganism as “oppressive” b/c it requires further “sacrifices” from women. Does not blame the kyriarchy. Considers veganism an eating disorder. Thinks you’re a misogynist for even suggesting it! Thinks animal exploitation is empowering for women and girls; a real opportunity / achievement! Invokes own marginalized status to excuse her marginalization of animals.
Appropriates animal suffering to make a feminist point. Angrily accuses vegans who compare the suffering of women and animals of being misogynists. Reclaims “bitch” for women – but not for actual bitches. Secretly wants to revoke your feminist card. PETA!,


* As you can see, I’ve started adding links to the plain-text card; for those keeping score, the last update was on 2/8/11.



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