Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 15: BEEF!, Bitches & "Bruised Feelings"

January 26th, 2010 4:55 pm by mad mags

BEEF! For Men With Taste

vegansaurus!: BEEF!: nicht für Frauen–unless your Mann gives it to you

In which “beef” has its own magazine (and it’s a gentleman’s magazine, natch!): BEEF tilburg university word! for Men with Taste. Luckily, vegansaurus is all over that shit.

Ida @ L.O.V.E.: Political Correctness, Political Expediency, and Veganism and

Royce @ Vegans of Color: notes on “Veganism Overly Defined”

Ida (taking a break from The Vegan Ideal to guest post at L.O.V.E.) and Royce respond to a guest post at Vegan Soapbox (Veganism Overly Defined) in which the author dismisses an intersectional approach to veganism and animal advocacy as “attach[ing] favorite causes” and “baggage” to “Veganism.” Likewise, vegans who object to human-based “isms” “get so involved in the bruised feelings of some humans that the plight of voiceless animals becomes a marginalized issue.” Emphasis on “bruised feelings.”

Carol J. Adams: Remembering Mary Daly and

jenna @ L.O.V.E.: Feminism and Animals: What You Won’t Find in the 101

Mary Daly, a self-proclaimed “radical lesbian feminist,” recently passed away at the age of 81 hoe google fotos downloaden. While much has been written of Daly’s radfem theology, I didn’t realize that she was also an animal rights advocate and vegetarian until I read a memorial written for Daly by Carol Adams. Herself a former student of Daly’s, Adams’s obit is rather charming and provides a glimpse of what it must have been like to be a young adult attending college in the ’70s sky ticket inhalte herunterladen.

Unfortunately, Daly was also something of a transphobe, perhaps most famously referring to trans people as “Frankensteinian.” On this point, jenna’s post at L.O.V.E is well worth a read; in it, she illustrates why, as advocates for justice, compassion and respect, it is ill-advised and hypocritical for vegans to leave any marginalized group, human or non, behind. (Also click through the many links jenna provides to The Vegan Ideal, where the intersection of ecofeminism and transphobia is discussed in much greater detail starcraft vollversion download kostenlos. That is, if you haven’t yet; I’ve included many of these posts in past link roundups.)

Brittany Shoot @ Bitch Blogs: The Biotic Woman: Intro to ecofeminism

In their quest for global interweb domination, the bitchy bitches at Bitch magazine – no, wait, make that Bitch Media! – have expanded their web presence over the past year. The new(ish)-and-improved Bitch Blogs feature a rotating lineup of guest bloggers, most of whom focus their super-bitchy powers on disassembling a single topic from a feminist perspective filme legal kostenlosen. Past areas of discussion include (dis)ability, female pop culture (super)heroes, athletics, lesbian representation, and female sexuality, to name but a few. And while animal advocacy has popped up on the regular and guest bloggers’ radars now and again, it’s been some time since animals were granted serious consideration by a vegan or vegetarian Bitch blogger lustige videoclips kostenlos downloaden.

Enter Brittany Shoot, otherwise known as “The Biotic Woman,” who will be guest-blogging about issues of ecofeminism and intersectionality for the next few (eight?) weeks. Topics of interest include:

the human cost of chocolate, the use of fur in northern climates and indigenous cultures, soy and soybean farming, nuclear power’s environmental effects, ideas for carbon-free transit, the links between racism and animal oppression, and how you can be a pro-choice vegan browser firefox kostenlos download. I’ll deconstruct and highlight ecofeminist issues in the news, like today’s New York Times editorial about Big Food. I’ll also be looking to a lot of female and feminist leaders on environmental and animal rights issues and featuring their words hopefully even more than my own c++ kostenlos herunterladen. I’m looking forward to critically engaging in these issues, receiving your feedback and comments, and learning from the Bitch community!

Now go dance a happy, wiggly dance on over to Bitch and show Brittany (and Bitch!) some love, mkay? (And yes, I’m tickled green to have been included in the above link roundup!)

The Guardian: KFC accused of racism over Australian advertisement

KFC advert showing Australian cricket fan placating West Indies supporters with chicken has caused anger in America:

Via Racialicious.

Also, Lisa at Sociological Images poses the question: Are They Racist or Are We Ethnocentric?

Finally, on Animal Rights & AntiOppression, check out:

On Corporate Personhood and Animal Rights – Mary examines the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding corporate personhood and First Amendment rights vis-à-vis campaign donations, asking whether the proposed cure is any better for nonhuman animals than is the underlying problem.

We Sell Body Parts – Marji beats me to the punch re: PETA’s objectification of women. This makes me very, very happy, for discussing PETA – be it with non-veg/an feminists or non-feminist veg/ans – is about as fun and productive as beating one’s head against the Great Wall.

Emotion vs Logic: Sexism, Psychology and Advocacy – Deb looks at our societal bias for “logic” over “emotion” – a bias that sometimes extends into the animal advocacy movement. Pay special attention to the discussion taking place in the comments – interesting stuff!



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