Because the world needs more vegan superheroes,

February 5th, 2010 4:51 pm by mad mags

I have birthed (mutated? summoned forth? kidnapped and trained?) my very own super-shiny-awesome vegan pop culture blog.

Behold: POP nero burning rom kostenlos download! goes The Vegan.

POP <a class=herunterladen! goes The Vegan." />

I know, I know, I need another blog like I need more cow flesh in my chili, but I just couldn’t help it powerpoint countdown kostenlos. For reals! After a few months of contemplation, and a few more spent trolling the internets, I realized that POP disney plus films downloaden op laptop! might actually fill a (gasp!) void. As if such a thing exists, you scoff. But wait, stay with me here.

Aside from a few green/vegetarian celebrity gossip sites (will word download mac for free. not. link.), I have yet to find a single blog or website that dissects pop culture – film, television, music, literature, theater, advertisements, you name it – from a strictly vegan perspective mit iphone videos downloaden. Not a few vegan bloggers feature the occasional movie review and the like (myself included), but I don’t know of anyone who focuses solely on popular culture criticism fonts for free windows 10. And so POP! goes The Vegan. was born. (My quirky comical punctuation, you will assimilate it.)

Though the archives consist solely of posts previously published in these here pages, I began adding some original content this week vinted app download for free. Probably I’ll continue to crosspost those pieces of which I’m particularly proud – but pleasepleaseplease bookmark POP! so that you don’t miss anything kostenlos wetter app herunterladen. (Hmmm, that sounded more like begging than I’d intended for it to.)

So far this week, I’ve blogged about Bones, Lost (no Season Six spoilers, please adobe reader windows vista kostenlos download! lalalalala I can’t hear you!), the Temple Grandin biopic premiering on HBO this weekend, and the Anthony Weiner interview on last night’s The Daily Show. (See? You are totes missing out!)

If you’d like to contribute the odd guest post or two, check out the submissions page. I can only watch so many television shows at once, so a few kickass vegan sidekicks are sorely needed.

In the future, I also hope to add a database of links to film, television, music, literature and theater reviews (written from an animal rights point of view, natch), so keep an eye out for that as well. (Just waiting for the Mr. to finish up on the back end. Errr, wait, you know what I mean.)

Ka-pow!, for now.

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5 Responses to “Because the world needs more vegan superheroes,”

  1. Marji Says:

    That’s very cool, I’m looking forward to the pop culture vegan attack!

  2. Kelly G. Says:

    Just what I needed, right? An excuse to watch more tv!

  3. Shannon Says:

    Vegan pop culture for the win! Will definitely add to ye olde blogroll :)

  4. Vegan truth Says:

    Mickey Z Has been doing this for over a decade.

  5. Kelly G. Says:

    @ Vegan Truth – That’s great, where at?

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