Race, Gender, Food: More Videos from The Sistah Vegan Project

April 16th, 2010 5:11 pm by Kelly Garbato

It’s been several – well, okay, seven – weeks since I posted Breeze Harper’s video introduction to Sistah Vegan, her newly released anthology on race, gender and (vegan) food from Lantern Books. An increased workload, mild-but-chronic health problems (me) and unexpected and urgent health scares (Kaylee and Ralphie), an utter lack of inspiration and motivation – all have conspired to keep me from blogging in the new year. Consequently, I haven’t given this video series a fraction of the attention it deserves. It’s high time we remedy that, dontchathink?

As I said before, many of the videos are on the lengthy (10 minutes+) side, so most likely you’ll need several sittings to view each set. (Hint: many are just the right length for a midday snack break!) They’re all well worth a watch, and together provide an excellent supplement to the Sistah Vegan anthology. (Regrettably, I’m not aware of any available transcripts, nor will I be able to provide any, due to the length of the videos.)

In addition to Brief Intro to My Consciousness Formation (view Parts One and Two on YouTube), we have:

[An Introduction to The] Sistah Vegan Project – Here, Sistah Vegan project founder/anthology editor Breeze Harper discusses the genesis and development of Sistah Vegan, touches upon the project’s and book’s areas of interest, and shares some of the reactions her work has generated among vegans and people of color.

(On YouTube: Part One and Part Two.)

Legacies of Racialized Colonialism on Black Female Womb Health – Referencing the work of Queen Afua, as well as her own experiences in dealing with a fibroid tumor, Harper discusses the spiritual, psychological and physical impact of racism and colonialism on black female bodies.

(On YouTube: Part One.)

Sistah Vegan Consciousness and Black Women’s Hair – In what is possibly my favorite video of the bunch, Harper shares her tips for the natural care of “black hair,” presenting these within the larger context of the politics of black hair. If you believe that it’s not just inoffensive, but sensible, to ask fellow animal rights/vegan activists to “mainstream” their physical appearance “for the animals,” then you owe it to yourself, your fellow activists, and the nonhumans on whose behalf you advocate, to watch this video.

(On YouTube: Part One.)

There are two more sets of videos in the series, as well as a few radio interviews, all of which are available at http://sistahvegan.wordpress.com – but, as I haven’t yet had time to watch them, I think I’d better save them for another day.

If you enjoyed the videos – or alternately, are unable to view them – you might (also) like this full-text written Q&A Breeze Harper did in promotion of the book in late 2009. While only three questions long, the discussion covers much of the same ground as do the introductory videos.

So, are any of you reading – or planning on reading – Sistah Vegan? If so, what do you think? I’m almost done with it myself, so keep your eyes peeled for a review.



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2 Responses to “Race, Gender, Food: More Videos from The Sistah Vegan Project”

  1. Breeze Harper Says:

    Thanks girl! What a wonderfully organized way to put what I’m doing on one page! I’m sending this link out to folk who have been interested in my work. I’ve sent them to peruse my website, but your link makes it better for them to navigate through and I truly appreciate it!


  2. Kelly Garbato Says:

    Any time! I just hope WordPress didn’t bombard you with *too many* trackbacks. :)

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