PETA Doubles Down On the Misogyny

April 20th, 2010 12:18 am by mad mags

PETA (Canadian Bacon)

Woman and pig: PETA says that neither of us is meat soundcloud downloaden pc.
So kindly stop treating us ladies that way, mkay PETA?

Okay, in all truth, the following ranks fairly low on the Misogo-meter, particularly where PETA’s concerned alte java version downloaden. But – catchy title, etc. Surely you understand.

Anyhow, in reporting on the reaction to KFC’s newest “culinary” creation – the Double Down, i.e., a couple of slabs each of bacon and cheese, crammed between two pieces of fried chicken(s), and slathered in “The Colonel’s Sauce” – in the Twitterverse, PETA singled out two celebritweets windows media player 12 free chip.

First up, Asher Roth, who writes: “Well, at least were making strides towards food quality and portion control – bravo colonel”

All fine and good, yes herunterladen? Nothing jaw-droppingly witty, but Asher Roth (um, who?) seems to capture the popular consensus re: a “sandwich” made entirely of animal products and containing a reported 32 grams of fat and 1380 mg of sodium herunterladen. Namely: yuck! and wtf!.

Next, PETA offers up a screenshot of Bow Wow’s KFC themed tweet: “I don’t know what’s more hideous, a girl with a hard fake booty with dimples in it or KFC’s new doubled down chicken sandwich.”

Hyperbole aside (e.g., clearly an unattractive ass is not nearly as hideous as are the corpses of several animals, lathered in the secretions of many others, all cobbled together to form a gluttonous, heart attack-inducing foodstuff), I hope I don’t need 140 characters to explain to you what’s wrong with this quip tubemate kostenlos downloaden. Mocking a woman’s physical appearance? Not cool herunterladen. (48, bitches! 68 if you factor in a link!)

Although, I must admit to having absolutely no idea what a “hard fake booty with dimples in it” actually is. Is this a butt enhancement gone wrong? Bad liposuction, perhaps? (Help me people, for I am clueless!)

In which case, this needlessly butchered derriere is an unfortunate thing, yes – but the hideousness rests not with an “imperfect” body, but in the fucked-up beauty standards that compel women (and, increasingly, men) to waste billions of dollars annually on anti-aging creams, hymen tightening gels, hair removal torture devices, skin smoothing foundations, boob jobs and the like.

As always, women are damned-if-they-do, damned-if-they-don’t. Nature didn’t give you a cute, perky butt? (Or, alternately: a large, perky butt?) Better pay the plastic surgeon a few k’s to “fix” it. Oh, but now it looks too perfect / fake? (Or, alternately: the surgeon “broke” it further?) Well, why on earth did you have plastic surgery, you vain woman, you?

Ah, but PETA’s with Bow Wow: “HAHA! I don’t know who said it better, but either way, I stand in agreement. I think KFC has hit an all time low.”

As I noted at the opening of this post, I wish I could say the same of you, PETA. I wish I could say the same of you.

But…not so much.



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