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May 16th, 2010 3:11 pm by mad mags

Do the people who admire this kind of thing ever wonder why there’s no Men’s Auxiliary Assless Chaps For Peace March?

No, of course not.

(Commenter Occasional lurker, in reference to last month’s “Boobquake.” CC image via frankfarm on Flickr.)

Of course, this criticism is equally applicable to other pseudo-progressive causes, including roughly 84.9% of PETA’s campaigns.

See, e.g., I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur; I’d Rather Show My Buns Than Wear Fur; I’d Rather Go Topless Than Wear Fur (!); Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin; Ink, Not Mink; and Turn Over a New Leaf.

Updated to add: I’d just like to clarify – I chose to include the above photo in order to illustrate what a “Men’s Auxiliary Assless Chaps For Peace March” might actually look like. Unfortunately, and apropos the Occasional lurker’s point, a search on Flickr for Creative Commons images involving men wearing “ass chaps” turned up very few photos. The sexualization, objectification and display of male body parts is a rarity, and usually takes place only in the context of specific subcultures (here, “the gay leather and fetish community,” as the photographer notes). Likewise, the wearing of assless chaps would more likely than not be met with open hostility and violence outside of said community – because we live in a fundamentally homophobic society. If this was your initial reaction to the above photo, it’s not the emotion I’d hoped to elicit (I was going for cognitive dissonance re: the acceptability male vs. female public nudity, fwiw).

Don’t be a homophobic a-hole, is what I’m sayin’.

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  1. Wendy Says:

    Are you f’in’ kidding me?? I find this HOT. And I’m a straight female, so…is it okay if I sexually objectify them? I have no problem with this at all—I would LOVE it if men–straight, gay, whatever–would dress like this on a regular basis. Actually, I would prefer THIS in a Carl’s Jr. commercial as opposed to half-naked sluts that I have endure every time they’re hawking a new burger promotion. I would be more inclined to buy burgers if they came with this kind of packaging…

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