Reclaiming the F-Word, Expanding the V-Word

June 11th, 2010 12:11 pm by mad mags

I can’t see the point in women being equal to men if men are not equal to each other. *


And also:

I can’t see the point in nonhuman animals being equal to humans if humans are not equal to each other herunterladen.

Think about it.

Redtape Shoes and Apparels - Fishtank

In this advertisement for Redtape Shoes, a man lounges on an ottoman, seemingly in his own modern, sparsely decorated living room open office schrift herunterladen. In the background, an aquarium takes up an entire wall. In it swim three bikini-clad women (white, thin and otherwise conventionally attractive by Western standards), whom he ogles over his shoulder problemsing origin.

Like fishes, these women are but mere decorations, objects to be used, displayed and discarded at will. The product’s tag line – which is adorned by silhouettes of “mud flap babes” – reads “Live Your Fantasy”. The audience is to assume that it’s every man’s fantasy to treat women like nonhuman animals, i.e., property.

Misogyny? Check. Heterosexism? Check. Sizeism? Check. Lookism? Check. White privilege? Check. Speciesism? Check. And so on and so forth.

* F Word reader Polly, quoted in the forthcoming book Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement (Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune, Zed Books, July 2010), in reference to poverty, capitalism, and economic equality and oppression (page 115 in the ARC).



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One Response to “Reclaiming the F-Word, Expanding the V-Word”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Interesting ad!

    I write on feminism at The Irony Mark and veganism at Lima’s Vegan Kitchen and I have always been very curious at the connections between the two. I think this ad is a perfect example of the sense on entitlement in our society. Not only do we think that we can just eat any animals we want, but we can do what ever we like with women and throw them in a fishbowl too. I feel that some would look at this ad and think its funny or maybe a joke but the truth is that this is almost an exact description of the different ‘levels’ in our society. I personally feel that the idea that it is ‘ok’ to eat animals and control them is the same idea that leads us to slavery and discrimination-even the same excuses on why its ‘ok’. If we keep eating animals, patriarchy isnt going to go away either. Theres are just different steps on the same ladder.

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