Meet Jasper, Sasha, Filipe, Teddy, Amigo and Pancho…and the Farm Animal Adoption Network!

June 19th, 2010 6:52 pm by Kelly Garbato

Back in March, Farm Sanctuary came to the rescue of six calves who were left to starve at a farm in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Some were left tethered to a tractor, while others were found locked in a garage; all were abandoned by their “owner.”* Most likely castoffs of the dairy industry, the calves were weak, frail and sickly and required immediate medical care:

After learning about the suffering calves, Farm Sanctuary immediately launched a rescue effort, and staff drove to pick up the calves halfway between the Pennsylvania farm and our New York Shelter. The calves we greeted were a terrible sight. Their eyes were sunken in from severe dehydration, and they were pale, coughing and extremely weak. They were fighting life-threatening infections, and most were unable to stand on their own. Four of the calves weighed less than they would have at birth, and their prognosis looked grim. Medical care was urgently needed to stabilize the calves, so our rescue team rushed them to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals for critical emergency care.

The following weeks were filled with constant care and anxious waiting as these sickly calves struggled to become well. But slowly, their fragile, battered bodies began to heal, and, in time, each came home from the hospital.

Though their lives began in violence and suffering, these babies are now safe, valued and loved. And in need of a forever home!: Farm Sanctuary is currently looking for one or more individuals to adopt dear Jasper, Sasha, Filipe, Teddy, Amigo and Pancho – as well as Vito and Clancy, two young Holstein steers who managed to escape from their captors before finding Farm Sanctuary. Thanks to Farm Sanctuary (as well as the Hillside SPCA and an anonymous tipster), these someones now have names whereas only numbers hinted at their unique, individual identities before. They are so much more than cogs in a capitalist machine, or producers of milk and flesh. They are sons, brothers, friends.

If you are willing and able to adopt any of these sweethearts (all of whom must be rehomed in pairs), you can find contact information and addition details here.

Faced with a recent influx of farmed animal cruelty cases, Farm Sanctuary is also hoping to expand its Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN). FAAN – the website for which I’ve been browsing for years, all whilst fantasizing about tending to my own pack of rescued “food” animals – is a network of individual rescuers who are interested in adopting farmed animals, including cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and rabbits. Once you’re accepted into FAAN, your name is entered into a national farmed animal adoption database maintained by Farm Sanctuary, which will match you up with an animal in need. (Think of it as eHarmony for humans and farmed animals – but without the homophobia and credit card fraud!) Potential adopters must be willing to adopt animals in pairs and – I love this part – belong to at least one animal protection organization and adhere to a “vegetarian [or vegan, natch] lifestyle and [demonstrate a] commitment to animal rights.”

Obviously, the need for homes is great, hence Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to grow the program. If you have a home and heart to share, please consider joining FAAN – and spread the word! Download this graphic:

Farm Sanctuary's Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN)

and display it on your website, blog or social media page, linking back to the Farm Animal Adoption Network: (FYI: I’ve hosted it on Flickr so you can easily download a few different sizes.)

Or use this graphic to let folks know about Jasper, Sasha, Filipe, Teddy, Amigo and Pancho:

Please and thank you – and stay vegan, friends.


* A “small,” “family,” “organic” and/or “local” farmer, perhaps? You know the type: the kindly Old MacDonald figure/archetype/myth who treats “his” animals “just like pets” …right up until the day he ships them off to a needless death? But I digress!



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  1. Brian Says:

    What about the monster(s) that left these calves to die? How about a vigilante group of pissed off vegan ex-Mafia muscle or Special Forces to find and say no more to the evil, cruel pricks? I know it is illegal and unethical, but haven’t we heard enough of cruelty to animals. By the way, how could the owner of the farm in Ohio where the cows were tortured not be charged?

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