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August 5th, 2010 11:07 pm by mad mags

Fan Junk Shots - Ralphie 01

  • www.schlongs4seals.com is now open and ready for business!

    Currently, only the blog – where I’ve already logged more posts in August than I managed to write for this here blog in the entire month of July – is fully functional. I’m still working on the promised interactive photo gallery and discussion features, but hope to have these done soon. (To this end, WP-compatible software recommendations would be most appreciated!)

    That said, the template and static/informational pages are all finished and look, if I might say so myself, kickass. I found a template that mimics Facebook almost to a M (for misogyny, natch), so it’s almost like we never left. (And by “left” I mean “were kicked off.”)

    Additionally, I created a temporary set of photo pages to house all the “man meat” I’ve “processed” thus far: VAPETA PSAs, promotional materials, junk shots, celebrity cock shots, South Park avatars, brother campaigns, etc formel 1 manager kostenlos downloaden. Browse, bookmark and check back often, because there’s more in the pipes.

    If you’re still out there and, um, excited to participate (excited! get it!?), send me your package at schlongs4seals [at] gmail.com and I’ll be equally excited (tee hee) to feature it on the appropriate page.

    Also, if you visit the front page, you’ll see a little Facebook “like” button in the left-hand sidebar (right under the hot white torso wearing the hot red boxer briefs). Click it, won’t you? We need friends! And sharing! On Facebook!

    Fan Junk Shots - Baby Kelly 02

    I’ve been a connoisseur of men’s briefs since early childhood veoh video download for free.
    Behold the rapturous glee on my chubby chipmunk cheeks!

    SeaL Shepherd may have succeeded in removing our page from Facebook, but he can hardly prevent us from sharing content in the form of links.

    Can’t stop the schlong, yo.

    (A note for the newbies and occasional readers: if all this cock talk has you flummoxed, go here for some background.)

  • Tofurky Pizza with Daiya Cheese has finally made its way to Kansas City!:

    2010-08-05 - Tofurky Pizza - 0003

    The Whole Foods in Overland Park, to be more specific. And now it’s in my freezer. Nom nom nom.

  • As if this isn’t already more awesomeness than the KC metro area can handle, Kansas City is now home to a brand-spanking-new vegan bakery. Gluten-free, to boot. And, if you live in the KC area, they deliver!

    Shane ordered a box of Golden Girls – the vegan feminist version of “real” Twinkies, if you will – for delivery to his office Monday herunterladen.

    2010-08-02 - Golden Girls - 0010

    They are super-yummy – a little denser than Twinkies (according to Shane; I’ve never partaken), with a sponge- or angel food cake-like consistency. The creamy filling is the bestest, though methinks the cakes could use more. I say the same of Ronald’s Donuts and Newman’s O’s, so grain of salt.

    Egads. In all my excitement, I almost forgot to name drop. Brody’s Bakery is the name of the biz – hit ’em up on Facebook, and if you’re ever in the KC area, shop team vegan, mkay? Jasmin of Our Hen House also did a nice writeup on Brody’s this week; see Brody’s Bakery Bakes Up Compassion free music waiting loop free download. (Color me jealous, btw.)

  • Just deleted from my inbox: an advert for the Summer issue of Ms. magazine, which promises to explore “How feminists are changing food”:

    Ms. Magazine Food Issue

    Again and again, the media celebrates the same few men as “foodie heroes,” while ignoring the many revolutionary women who are changing the way we grow and eat our food mails download iphone.

    In the new Ms., find out about the unsung women heroes of the sustainable, seasonal and local food movement.

    Shall we take bets on how often the words “vegetarian” and “vegan” make an appearance? What about “humane meat” and “grass-fed beef”? I let my subscription to Ms. expire a lifetime ago, so if anyone has access to the food issue – satisfy our curiosity, oh won’t you please?

  • Homemade Vegan Lemonade Ice Cream!

    2010-07-29 - Lemonade Ice Cream - 0002

    Holy shit!, is all I can say about this delicious frozen concoction.

    The recipe is from The Blooming Platter and based on Wheeler del Torro’s basic formula spiderman spiele kostenlos herunterladen. (A review of The Vegan Scoop is forthcoming! In one word: must buy. Okay, them’s two words, but you get my drift.)

  • Over at the HuffPo, Bruce Friedrich argues that Eating animals is indefensible… unless, of course, you’re out to dinner with an omnivore and have something to prove. Then a little milk, eggs, gelatin, etc. on your plate is not only acceptable, but a moral imperative. And don’t you dare make a fuss with the waiter, you self-righteous vegan you, lest your dinnermate get the impression that living vegan is “too hard.”
  • The collective geniuses at the PETA think tank wonder, “How will China Destroy the World?”

    The PETA Files - China is Destroying the World (Screenshot, 2010-08-02)

    Their answer?: “It will adopt the eating habits of Americans—specifically, our pork-eating habits.”

    So, to summarize: CHINA will ultimately be responsible for destroying the world, as opposed to the UNITED STATES, which for decades has pushed its unsustainable and unhealthy dietary practices on the rest of the world through globalization and cultural colonialism. Another epic, privileged FAIL, PETA. Oy.

  • Finally, many thanks to Columbia University Press, which sent me a copy of J. M. Coetzee and Ethics: Philosophical Perspectives on Literature (Anton Leist and Peter Singer, eds. June 2010) for review:

    2010-08-05 - Coetzee and Ethics - 0008

    I’d never heard of Coetzee prior to receiving this book, but after reading the book’s description:

    In 2003, South African writer J film download app. M. Coetzee was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his riveting portrayals of racial repression, sexual politics, the guises of reason, and the hypocrisy of human beings toward animals and nature. Coetzee was credited with being “a scrupulous doubter, ruthless in his criticism of the cruel rationalism and cosmetic morality of western civilization.” The film of his novel Disgrace, starring John Malkovich, brought his challenging ideas to a new audience.

    Anton Leist and Peter Singer have assembled an outstanding group of contributors who probe deeply into Coetzee’s extensive and extraordinary corpus. They explore his approach to ethical theory and philosophy and pay particular attention to his representation of the human-animal relationship. They also confront Coetzee’s depiction of the elementary conditions of life, the origins of morality, the recognition of value in others, the sexual dynamics between men and women, the normality of suppression, and the possibility of equality in postcolonial society android 5 downloaden. With its wide-ranging consideration of philosophical issues, especially in relation to fiction, this volume stands alone in its extraordinary exchange of ethical and literary inquiry.

    my interest? Consider it piqued.

  • Oh, and Flickr? I loathe your new photo page layout. Ditto: Google and your new image search display. I know that neither of y’all care, but. Just sayin’.
  • Updated to add:

  • Doh! I forgot to mention: On last week’s episode of The Libertarian Dime, my husband and his co-host Jonathan interviewed Ginger Corbett of Atomic #7, a newish vegan-friendly ice cream parlor in Henderson, NV. They were lucky enough to get a taste when they visited Las Vegas for the Amaz!ng Meeting in July, and I’ve heard nothing but good stuff. Options for listening to the show are available here apple mobile device service. (And yes, I married a libertarian. On the positive side, he ties his veganism to the libertarian ethic of non-violence – yeah, that’s a whole ‘nother aside – thus providing a bullet-proof method of proselytizing to his libertarian brothers.)
  • Also: If you ever visit Vegas, a stop by Ronald’s Donuts is a must. I’ve raved about them before, so I won’t try to convince you (and if you require convincing, you’re not deserving of Ronald’s sweet, chewy, chocolaty vegan goodness anyhow). I will, however, offer this tip for traveling with Ronald’s donuts – or any freshly baked donuts, for that matter – which only come to go in a big, pink cardboard donut box (totally unsuitable for traveling, at least on planes and trains).

    2010-07-14 - Donut Transport - 0004

    Plan ahead automatically media usage rights. Know how many donuts you’ll be transporting, and take with you the appropriate number of (empty, duh!) Tofutti Sour Cream containers (or reused containers of a similar size), as well as a cooler that will accommodate them and an ice pack or two.

    When in Vegas, purchase the donuts at least 24 hours prior to your departure. Pack them one to a container (again, like duh) and freeze them if possible. When you’re ready to leave, fill your cooler with the donuts and ice packs, so that stuff doesn’t move around too much.

    Once you arrive at your destination, unpack your donuts first thing, putting them in the fridge (or freezer, if you don’t plan on eating them right away). They keep well frozen for a month or two, and then freezer burn starts to set in. Freezer burnt donuts are still edible – and vegans living in veg-unfriendly places will tolerate all sorts of food horrors, such that old donuts seem like a slice Sticky Fingers cake – but are best avoided. I like to let mine defrost on the counter for an hour or two prior to eating, so that it reaches room temp without getting overheated, like it might in a microwave or oven.

    In years past, we’ve flown with frozen donuts packed in the floppy cardboard pastry boxes, with mixed success. If they start to defrost while in flight, lift off and descent can smush them into pancakes. While there was a little “bubbling” on the chocolate icing in this batch, they arrived looking almost as fresh as just-baked – even though they rode in cargo with the rest of the luggage. (Shane was planning on putting them under his seat, but the box was a tick too big.) Howdya like them donuts?

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