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August 15th, 2010 6:41 pm by mad mags
  • After a nearly six month hiatus, I have a new post up at Animal Rights & AntiOppression! In an interview with humane educator Zoe Weil, we look at the connections between our treatment of nonhuman animals, the earth, and one another, and explore humane education as the bridge between seemingly disparate social justice movements – and the solution to our many (many!) human-made ills.

    Check it: “The World Becomes What You Teach”: An Interview With Humane Educator Zoe Weil

  • Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (psych101 students, represent!), Ellyn Satter developed a corresponding hierarchy of food needs, arguing that one cannot “choose” to consume healthy products unless one’s more basic needs – such as having enough food to eat, having acceptable food, and having reliable, ongoing access to food – are already met.

    Satter's Hierarchy of Food Needs

    Satter’s Hierarchy of Food Needs:
    Bottom to top, the six needs are as follows: Enough food; Acceptable food; Reliable, ongoing access to food; Good-tasting food; Novel food; and Instrumental food herunterladen.

    The choice to consume vegan food (vs. the necessity of consuming vegan food) seems to rest at the apex of Satter’s hierarchy, and as such, can only be made “when all underlying needs are consistently satisfied”: “The person functioning at the apex of Satter’s Hierarchy of Food Needs reliably gets enough to eat of rewarding food and has food acceptance skills that are good enough to allow him or her to eat a variety of food. That person is thus in a position to consider choosing food for instrumental reasons: to achieve a desired physical, cognitive, or spiritual outcome. This description is analogous to Maslow’s concept of self actualization.”

    While this hierarchy is primarily being discussed in relation to our consumption (or lack thereof) of nutritious, healthy food, i.e.:

    The graphic suggests that getting enough food to eat is the most important thing to people. Having food be acceptable (e.g., not rotten, something you are not allergic to) comes second. Once those two things are in place, people hope for reliable access to food and only then do they begin to worry about taste gratisen whatsapp. If people have enough, acceptable, reliable, good-tasting food, then they seek out novel food experiences and begin to make choices as to what to eat for instrumental purposes (e.g., number of calories, nutritional balance).

    As Michelle at The Fat Nutritionist writes, sometimes when a person chooses to eat nutritionally deficient or fattening foods, it is not because they are “stupid, ignorant, lazy, or just a bad, bad person who loves bad, bad food.” Sometimes, it’s “because other needs come first.” (Source: Sociological Images)

    it’s equally applicable to veganism and vegan foods: obstacles such as hunger, poverty, food insecurity, lack of access to food, etc., severely constrict people’s ability to choose a vegan diet, on multiple levels (e.g., individual, community, population). As long as we’re serious about creating a vegan world, we must address these human inequities as well. (That, and it’s the right thing to do.)

    Check out the Food Empowerment Project for more herunterladen.

  • Is it just me, or is this commercial for Pretzel M&Ms highly suggestive of rape?

    [Inside the “New Product Lab”]

    Orange M&M: [Scared, panicky; talking to two “scientists” in lab coats] Yeah, I know people love chocolate and pretzels together, but now you are taking it too far! I don’t care if I’m the official spokescandy for the new pretzel M&M’s. There is no way that you’re putting a giant pretzel inside me!

    [The researcher on the right steps aside, revealing a pretzel standing on the counter, not far from the M&M.]

    Giant Pretzel: [Sounding a bit blasé, with a working-class, NYC accent] Listen buddy, I’m not too thrilled about this either medieval 2 total war kostenlosen vollversion.

    Voiceover: New M&Ms Pretzel: A crunchy pretzel inside of M&Ms.

    [Later, looking at x-ray/diagram plans of the coming food merger]

    Giant Pretzel: [Cracking his knuckles] Okay, let’s get this over with.

    Of course, M&Ms candy – like all dairy products – relies on the actual, continued rape of millions of female cows and their daughters, not to mention forced birth and the murder of the products of these atrocities, i.e., the unwanted male “veal” calves. If rape is appalling to you, then please do not continue to support industries which necessitate such abuses.

    Ditto: “meat” and egg production whatsapp images on pc.

  • White House unloads anger over criticism from ‘professional left’:

    During an interview with The Hill in his West Wing office, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs blasted liberal naysayers, whom he said would never regard anything the president did as good enough. […]

    Of those who complain that Obama caved to centrists on issues such as healthcare reform, Gibbs said: “They wouldn’t be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president.”

    Actually, yes. Yes, I would. This “professional leftist” would be terribly satisfied if Kucinich had won the presidency. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’d approve of all his decisions – but I hardly expect a press secretary to be capable of grasping such nuances zoom download for mac.

  • Question: Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s call for Muslims to adopt Christianity – supposedly a ‘kinder,’ ‘gentler,’ ‘less oppressive’ religion – the atheist community’s version of welfare reform? Because her reasoning is kind of bullshit (i.e., one can find extremists in any religion, and Ali need not look any further than the U.S. to find Christian fundamentalists who want to subjugate those of different/no faiths, or who call for the murder of certain ‘undesirables,’ such as abortion providers), and I haven’t exactly seen any atheists jumping on her “yay Jesus!” bandwagon. (Conservatives, yes; atheists, not so much.)

    Anyhow, I’m in danger of rambling, so on the welfare v. abolition front, I urge to to watch James LaVeck’s most recent video, The Silencing of the Lambs, if you haven’t already:

    & also check out this piece by Stephanie at AR&AO – particularly the comment thread (if you can stand it), which includes some thought-provoking exchanges windows xp service pack 3 kostenlosen vollversion.

  • FYI: I finally “unstuck” the BP oil “spill” link roundup, thus moving it off of the front page. However, I’ll still continue to update it periodically, so please bookmark it! (I last updated it on 8/6 with the addition of a Kinship Circle alert, I believe.)
  • Let’s end this post on a shiny, happy note, shall we? Cue: all those supercute, fluffyfun doggie photos I took last month!

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0005

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0012

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0009

    Rennie, distracting me from my summer reading amazon video herunterladen pc.

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0026

    Peedee, chillin’ under the lawn chair…

    2010-07-14 - Peedee - 0004

    which is currently set up in the porch, so hot has it been this past month. In fact, I think I was able to use it just once before the heat wave hit. Yuck.

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0031

    Ralphie, lawn dancing and proudly flashing his penis for the camera (men!).

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0042

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0040

    Ralphie’s shameless display of red hot manhood worked; Rennie totally wants a piece of that herunterladen! He’s not having it, though.

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0056

    Kaylee shows off her crazy teefies!

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0088

    Once more, for good measure.

    Another round of lawn dancing…

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0096

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0098

    2010-07-09 - Outside with the Dogs - 0102

    …and we’re done. As per usual, Jayne chose not to make an appearance, instead hanging out on the other side of the yard. Such a loner, that one.

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