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2010 Pakistan Floods: Animal Rescue & Vegan Relief Resources

Last updated on 8/31/10 @ 12:00 PM CDT.

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“Pakistan Floods: Displaced people fleeing Sindh streamed into Balochistan.”
CC image via the United Nations Development Programme on Flickr and is attributed to ©Abdul Majeed Goraya_IRIN.

1. Animal Rescue & Vegan Relief at a Glance

Here’s a quick roundup of the animal welfare, animal rights, and vegan groups that are either 1) directly assisting with animal rescue efforts in Pakistan or 2) collecting and distributing funds to those that providing aid in the region. Please note that a number of these groups seem to focus on “saving” farmed and working animals so that they can be further exploited in the future – and let your own ethics guide you in your decision to donate.

  • Food for Life Global (FFLG), which distributes free vegan/vegetarian meals to those in need worldwide (among other things), is partnering with affiliates in Pakistan and India to

    mobiliz[e] teams to provide meals to survivors of the recent floods in Pakistan. […] The Food for Life Pakistan Relief Team will focus on poor, minority groups who have lost their homes.

    Areas of focus include:

    Sindh Areas: Hyderabad, Khairpur, Sukkur, Gambt, Shikarpur, Larkana, Rato, Dero, Mirpur.

    Punjab Areas: Kand kut, Kambr, Karmpur, Gunspur, Gutki, Khan Garr, Khan Pur Mehr, Sultan Kut, Sehdad Kut.

    Food for Life Pakistan Relief Team will also try to collaborate with other NGOs, namely, the Swami Narayan Welfare Temple and Trust and the Pakistan Hindu Council.

    You can follow its progress here, or make a donation via the PayPal button on the main page of its website.

  • The Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is on the ground and aiding in animal rescue efforts. An 8/31 update reads:

    August 29, 2010: The Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), in collaboration with the Karachi Animal Hospital, organized a relief mission to Thatta and Makli in Sindh to provide veterinary treatment to the flood’s animal victims. […]

    Once at the EDO’s office, Zahid Hussain Jalbani, Site Manager WWF Makli, introduced us to Vickio Chohan, EDO Agriculture, Thatta, and Dr. Qaisar Jatoi, District Officer Livestock, Thatta. They inform us there are approximately 300,000 small and large animals around Makli for which there is an extreme shortage of fodder. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture estimates 3.6 million hectares of standing crops have been damaged or destroyed, and fodder for the animals has been either washed away or damaged by silt. With so much of farmland inundated by floodwaters, both people and animals have lost a vital source of food.

    After the updates by the local officials, we spent the rest of the day providing veterinary treatment to injured or sick buffaloes, cows, goats and other animals in the Thatta – Makli area. WWF arranged for two volunteers who led the way on a motorbike. People seemed pleased to see us and eagerly pointed out the injured or sick animals in their vicinity. They were extremely grateful to us for providing much needed veterinary relief to their animals, as they cannot afford to lose even one of them. A few even brought their dogs over for a checkup.

    You can follow PAWS’s progress on its blog, which is updated almost daily. Donation information is available here. PAWS has also compiled its own list of animal rescue groups working in the area.

  • The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore has deployed a special animal rescue team, comprised of UVAS students and staff members, into flooded areas in order to help provide medical assistance to affected animals. You can learn more here.
  • The Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) (through its Livestock Relief Project) is “providing support for the livestock in the flood affected zone by using its veterinary doctors fully equipped with medicines and necessary equipments,” as well as providing assistance to humans affected by the disaster. You can learn more via its daily flood relief reports.
  • With a presence in the area, the Pakistan chapter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been personally impacted by the flooding, with several offices under water. The group reports, “in these places [that have been flooded] we have suspended our regular work and are rescuing as many people as we possibly can.” You can follow events as they unfold here, or make a donation here.
  • The Brooke – a UK-based “international non-governmental organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules through direct veterinary treatment and community programmes around animal health and well-being” – is collecting funds to provide food, water and vaccinations to approximately 5,000 “working animals” in the area. You can learn more here, or make a donation here.
  • The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) reports that it is “is partnering with Vets Care Club, a group of veterinary students and staff from the University of Veterinary and Animal Science in Lahore to provide feed to cows, buffalos, goats and sheep in the Layyah District, Punjab. Your donation will be used to buy nutritionally-balanced feed for animals who will most likely otherwise starve as their owners cannot afford to buy them fodder. This region has 252 farmers with 4,458 animals.” You can make a (general?) donation here.
  • The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is currently “working with a local animal and humanitarian relief agency to feed starving animals. We are closely monitoring development to see how else we can help, and have reached out to other international animal aid organizations to see how we can best work together to help Pakistan’s animals.” You can track the IFAW’s progress on its Animal Rescue Blog, or make a general (?) donation here.
  • As of 8/9/10, Humane Society International (HSI) reports that it has “connected with WSPA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to learn how we can best assist in responding to this crisis. We are reaching out to our local and government contacts in Pakistan, and will know more about our ability to help in the upcoming days.” You can make a general donation to its emergency response fund here.
  • Last but not least, Kinship Circle is providing information about animal rescue groups operating in the area. (See below for crossposted alerts.)


    “2010 Floods in Pakistan – A Race Against Time: Flood victims stock supplies such as flour and sugar for the ongoing rainy season.”
    CC image via the United Nations Development Programme on Flickr.

    2. Vegan Voices

    Whether due to disaster fatigue or a simple lack of news to report, the current flooding in Pakistan hasn’t received much coverage in animal advocacy corners. (Or in the mainstream media, but I digress.) Those who have offered words of support and suggestions for providing aid deserve a little link love, don’t you think?

    08/25/10 – vegansaurus!: The flood in Pakistan and how you can help

    08/11/10 – Best Friends: Pakistan: Floods engulf a country; People and animals are uprooted in Pakistan’s worst floods.

    “2010 Floods in Pakistan – A Race Against Time: Thousands of square miles of farm land are under water. Sugarcane, cotton, fodder and rice crops are completely destroyed. Farmers are now trying to salvage their livestock by evacuating them in boats.”
    CC image via the United Nations Development Programme on Flickr.

    3. Newsletters

    Please see the following newsletters and email alerts for additional information about animal rescue efforts in the wake of the flooding in Pakistan.

    As always, these are sorted chronologically, with the most recent alerts appearing first.
    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) – wspausa [at]
    Date: Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 11:03 PM
    Subject: Urgent appeal: Help feed Pakistan’s starving animals

    Dear Friend,

    Thousands of starving animals affected by severe flooding in Pakistan need your help!

    Hundreds of thousands of animals have already drowned due to tragic flooding in Pakistan that claimed 1,400 human lives and affected more than 15 million people. The surviving animals are at severe risk and in desperate need of food and veterinary care.

    Please help feed Pakistan’s starving animals.

    People in Pakistan are struggling to keep their animals alive. Floodwaters are still not receding and more rain is falling on the destroyed crops, which is leaving a massive shortage of animal food.

    WSPA is partnering with the Vets Care Club, a group of veterinary students and staff from the University of Veterinary and Animal Science in Lahore, to provide feed to cows, buffalos, goats and sheep in the Layyah District, Punjab. This region has 252 farmers with 4,458 animals.

    Your gift now will be used to buy nutritionally-balanced feed for animals who will most likely otherwise starve as their owners cannot afford to buy them food.

    A small gift can go a long way to stopping the suffering of animals.

    $30 can feed a buffalo or cow for a week
    $10 can feed two goats or sheep for a week

    The flooding is now covering one-fifth of the country, including its agricultural heartland. Several villages have been severely affected, many completely demolished.

    WSPA’s 30-year history treating animals in disasters has shown that animals are crucial to the recovery of the region. Agriculture, including livestock, is the livelihood mainstay of nearly 90% of the flood-affected community in Pakistan’s rural areas.

    Please send your gift now so we can respond to this current crisis and to other disasters around the world.

    Thank you for reaching out to animals in need.


    Silia Smith
    Interim Executive Director,

    P.S . These animals are so important to the people of Pakistan. Your gift will not only help the animals, it will help their whole community recover too. Please give as generously as you can.

    This email was sent by: World Society for the Protection of Animals
    89 South Street, Suite 201 Boston, MA 02111 USA
    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at]
    Date: Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 5:07 PM
    Subject: ANIMALS – Pakistan Flood / Gulf Disaster Update

    KINSHIP CIRCLE 8/20/10

    Pakistan Animal Welfare Society

    KINSHIP CIRCLE is following the Pakistan flood, among the worst in modern history. With human aid barely underway, news about farmed, companion or wild animals is limited. IFAW Emergency Relief Manager Dick Green reports that IFAW received: “an urgent request from an official in the Punjab province of northern Pakistan: They’re in desperate need of food for animals [who] have survived the floods.”

    Farmed animals camp on roads with people. In some areas, roads are the only dry spots amid floodwaters. With 20 million people impacted by rising waters, the animal toll is unimaginable. News reports say water may not recede until the end of this month, making aid efforts treacherous…


    IFAW’s Michael Booth is working with the Pakistani government, United Nations and regional relief organizations…

    Millions of people in Pakistan, along with their animals, have now been affected by the worst floods in their history…

    Floods have impacted some 75,000 horses, donkeys and mules. The Brooke aims to reach around 5,000 animals with vital water, fodder and vaccines…

    Vets Care Club:

    University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences — Lahore:


    [For simplicity’s sake, I’ve removed the “Gulf Disaster Update” portion of this email alert. Since there already exists a page dedicated to the oil spill in the Gulf, I decided to instead include it there; see: BP Oil “Spill”: Animal Rescue, Disaster Relief, Action Alerts & Vegan Views. – ed.]

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