Vegan S’mores Brownies FTmofoW!

November 16th, 2010 1:12 pm by Kelly Garbato

For veganmofo iv, I’d like to try my hand at veganizing a few non-veg recipes…but, seeing as I’m no domestic diva, my ambitions are somewhat, shall we say, modest. Instead of going all Project Just Desserts on your asses, I’m sticking to recipes that require only a few modifications and substitutions.

Such as these S’more Brownies I found on ages ago. To say that I veganized this recipe is a little generous, actually, since I mostly just swapped out non-vegan products for cruelty-free ones: Dandies for Jet-Puffed minis, Honey Maid Grahams for vegan crackers, eggs for NRG, etc. But still, yum!

As good as these s’mores are warm and freshly baked, they’re even tastier (if harder to slice) the next day. The “brownie” portion of this dessert is more fudge-like than crumbly, and leaving it out overnight gives it a chance to firm up a bit.

Happy noming!

(Vegan) S’mores Brownies

2010-11-14 - Vegan S'Mores Brownies - 0007


10-15 vegan graham crackers
3/4 cup margarine
4 1 ounce squares unsweetened chocolate
2 cups sugar
A vegan egg substitute, equivalent to 3 chicken eggs (I used NRG Egg Replacer)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup flour
2 1/2 cups Dandies (or the vegan marshmallows of your choice)
1 cup vegan chocolate chips or chunks


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Line a 13″x9″ pan with foil and spray with cooking spray. Break approximately 10 graham crackers in half (so that they’re square vs. rectangular in shape) and line the pan with these, overlapping the edges slightly. Set aside.

3. In a large, microwave-safe bowl, microwave the margarine and unsweetened chocolate on high for about two minutes, stirring every 30 seconds or so, until the chocolate is completely melted. Add sugar, egg replacer and vanilla; mix well. Stir in flour. Sample the batter and add extra sugar to taste (my batch could have used a little extra sugar).

4. Pour the batter over the graham crackers in the pan. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. The original recipe instructs you to bake the brownies “until toothpick inserted in center comes out with fudgy crumbs,” but as long as they were hot, the brownies always remained somewhat liquidy for me. This didn’t seem to affect the overall nomness of the finished product.

5. Sprinkle the marshmallows and chocolate chips on top of the cooked brownies; add more or less to your liking. Bake for another three to five+ minutes, or until the chocolate has melted and the marshmallows begin to puff up and/or brown.

6. Remove from the oven. Break the remianing graham crackers into small pieces – eighths or so – and press them, gently, onto/into the top of the warm marshmallows.

7. Allow the pan to cool on a cooling rack. When ready to serve, use the foil to remove the single massive brownie from the pan, and then cut it into individual pieces. Store in an airtight container. Freeze any extras, if need be!

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7 Responses to “Vegan S’mores Brownies FTmofoW!”

  1. omgoshimvegan Says:

    Boy does that look good. I’m ready for a piece now.

  2. Lisa Marie Says:

    Oh my goodness! That looks dangerously yummy. I’d be afraid of eating the whole thing. What’s better than a brownie or s’mores? The both of them combined! Well done.

  3. Nicole Says:

    I would totally faceplant in that…

  4. Fanny Says:

    :O :O :O

    That is super amazing. I’ve never had a vegan marshmallow in my life.

  5. Kelly Garbato Says:

    @ Fanny – you might be interested in the open source vegan marshmallow recipe project:

    Make your own marshmallow nom!

  6. Molly Says:

    Why, hello there you decadent looking brownies! I want you in my tummy! *drool*

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