What Vegan Kids Eat

November 28th, 2010 1:09 pm by mad mags

Fun for Kids: Quickie Quesadillas: On this week’s Food for Life TV episode, Emily Richard prepares Quickie Quesadillas – a favorite recipe from PCRM’s new Food for Life Kids Nutrition and Cooking Classes. These quesadillas are loaded with nutrients, and they’re delicious as a meal or a snack. And the name doesn’t lie – they only take a few minutes to make!

There’s Vegan Dad and (Your) Vegan Mom – not to mention Red Hot Vegan Momma, Mom’s Vegan Kitchen, Busy Vegan Mama, et al. – but what about vegan kids? Have you ever wondered where all the pint-sized vegan foodies are at?

Granted, most kids – even “kids these days” – are too busy with school and sports and friends and other assorted forms of child’s play to worry about boring adult stuff like baking and blogging and blogging about one’s baking herunterladen. Nope, that’s what the ‘rents are for. (Cue: childhood nostalgia.) Still, there are a few intrepid activists-in-the-making on the interwebs – and they’re the subject of today’s veganmofo post.

  • Vegan Kid: http://vegankid.blogspot.com

    Vegan Kid is Shae, who was inspired to start blogging nearly five years ago by a certain vegan lunchbox:

    This Vegan Kid is fascinated by another vegan kid (or his lunchbox…ha) and decided he needed his own little space on the web to share his various adventures… stay tuned.

    Shae is joined by his mom Kelly and younger brother Silas; the trio have participated in several Vegan MoFos in the past. In one of the most recent entries, Kelly shares an article she penned for a vegetarian magazine when Shae was just 4; it’s totally adorable, to wit:

    He’s been known to ask people, especially his many grandparents, “Why are you eating that animal?” and follows up with “Don’t you want that little cow to live with its mommy and daddy instead of getting dead and going into your tummy?” This has led to many a meal abruptly turning at least vegetarian to please him.

    Check it: Veganism for the Four Year Old.

  • Vegan Kids: http://www.vegankids.org/blog/

    Vegan Kids is a family-run website/blog of mostly-vegans schnelle internet browser kostenlosen. There’s veganmama, vegangirl (age 12), veganfrog (age 9), veganpanda (age 6), and little guy (age 3). Dad is the only non-vegan in the household, but reportedly consumes a vegan diet while at home, and is otherwise supportive of his wife’s and children’s veganism.

    On the site’s about page, veganmama writes,

    Besides these family members, though, the kids feel alone in their choice to be vegan. And often friends and acquaintances misunderstand what being vegan is all about. We are hopeful these pages will help encourage other vegan kids and inform those who are not vegan or vegetarian what it means to be vegan and why it is a healthy and humane choice for children and their families.

    Go show ’em some mofo love, okay?

  • Devannah Blackwood, an (almost!) nine-year-old vegan

    After some You Tube browsing, I stumbled upon an interview by Franklin @ OpenSourceVegan.com windows 10 herunterladen ausblenden. During what appears to be a fairly yummy pie-baking session, Devannah Blackwood sits down with Franklin to discuss her veganism.

    OpenSourceVegan.com’s Interview with
    Devannah Blackwood, an (Almost-) 9-Year-Old Vegan

    Her favorite foods? Pie, ice cream and pizza. I love it!

  • These Little Piggies Had Tofu: http://thislittlepiggyhadtofu.blogspot.com

    Okay, so perhaps the titular little piggies aren’t technically doing their own blogging, but hey – they’re wee lil’ ones; give ’em time. They need to work on their hand/eye coordination first, mkay.

    Luckily, father Al does plenty of blogging on Anna and Liam’s behalf. There’s Anna Wednesday and Friday Liam (now Anna First Wednesday and Last Friday Liam). Homework assignments, videos, and bus ride transcripts herunterladen. Oh, and the occasional PETA smackdown.

    But wait! The children! This post is supposed to be about the children!

    Here’s what Anna said about the bus today.

    Anna: One girl on the bus said that spinach was disgusting.
    Me: What did you say.
    Anna: I said spinach was yummy!
    Me: Were you all talking about food you like and stuff?
    Anna: Yeah.
    Me: Like what foods?
    Anna: Um, pretzels and popcorn and macaroni and cheese and suckers.
    Me: Cool. Did it come up that you were vegan at all?
    Anna: Yep, I said, “I’m vegan,” and a girl didn’t know what that meant so I told her study certificate uni münster.
    Me: And what did she say?
    Anna: She said, “Oh.” (link)

    The totally adorable, totally vegan children!

  • Two Vegan Boys: http://twoveganboys.wordpress.com

    The two vegan boys are Arthur and Adam. Since they’re only four and two years old, respectively, it’s mom Krys who does most of the blogging. She also makes them some pretty NOMy vegan treats, such as this dinosaur cake for Little Bear’s second birthday. Lucky duck. I would have killed for a dinosaur cake when I was that age. Don’t get me wrong, my mom made a mean Ragged Ann cake, but. DINOSAURS! Dinosaurs are the raddest.

  • Growing Up Veg: http://growingupveg.blogspot.com

    Growing Up Veg is manned – no, scratch that, womanned – by Celeste, a vegan mom of who’s raising her toddlers Evelyn and Elliott vegan strafregisterauszug herunterladen. She makes Jelly Bean Pizzas, Vegan S’Mores Bars, and pig and chick-shaped Animal Cupcakes. In short, she is every vegan’s Fantasy Mom.

  • Our Vegan Pregnancy: http://www.ourveganpregnancy.blogspot.com

    What began as “a vegan journey through first-time pregnancy” is now a vegan parenting blog of sorts. Parents Lucas and Kenya write about raising their newborn twins, Astral and Defy, as vegans, sharing plenty of super-cute baby photos along the way. The little guys are only seven months old, and have already attended their first vegan festival (VegFest DC) and visited an animal sanctuary (Poplar Springs). Sweet!

    In addition to having a strong anti-speciesist stance, OVP manages to capture some of the more humorous moments of parenting:

    Defy has 4 adorable bottom teeth , Astral also has 4 adorable bottom teeth and one on top that is coming in briefpapier weihnachten zum downloaden. My nipples live in constant fear. I have been bitten numerous times, but I guess after the shock of the first few times my reactions have been a lot calmer. The first time I let out a high pitched scream that definitely startled the little culprit (I can’t remember who did it first).

    …um, humorous in retrospect?

  • Our Precious Rose

    Some of you might know Rose’s mom, Melissa, from flickr (where she goes by the name Vegan Butterfly), Facebook or that vegan blog. Last year, she and husband Alex welcomed their first child into the world. Rose joins an extended family of human and nonhuman members, and like her parents, Rose is vegan herunterladen. Melissa recently created Our Precious Rose to document her pregnancy with Rose, as well as Rose’s birth, life so far, and vegan adventures to come.

  • Veg Family: http://vegfamily.com

    Billing itself as “The Magazine for Vegan Family Living,” Veg Family boasts a number of features, including articles, recipes, and an Ask the Dietitian column. But it’s the Vegan Family Profiles section in which I’m most interested. Allow Veg Family to introduce you to The Piankos, The Levitans, The Specks, The Manzers, The Aderholds, The Olsen-Phillips, The Pearls and The Kleikamps ubisoft spiele kostenlos downloaden. Perhaps we’ll one day see your family’s name up there?

  • Real Vegan Children @ Vegan Health: http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/realveganchildren

    I love this one. Vegan children: they exist! They go on vacation. Run track and practice martial arts. Love on their dog and guinea pig friends. Play guitar. Goof around with their siblings. Eat junk food. And just generally enjoy life while leaving others animals free to enjoy their own.

    And, contrary to what Nina Planck would have you believe, they’re not all starving or malnourished.

  • Tegan the Vegan!

    So Tegan’s not real; rather, she’s the protagonist in an upcoming animated Australian film.

    Tegan The Vegan – Short Animation Trailer: Tegan is 12, in love with the coolest boy in class and just found out where meat comes from imovie downloaden lukt niet. Tegan faces intolerance and peer pressure as she struggles to she find the strength to follow her heart. This 12 minute stop-motion animation was made using Dragon Stop Motion Software, After Effects and Final Cut Pro and shot on a Canon EOS Digital Stills Camera. Visit Enemies of Reality Media to learn more!

    Still. Adorable.

    Let’s close this post the same way we began: with a vegan recipe for vegan kiddos. Black Bean Pinwheels, anyone?

    How to Cook Black Bean Pinwheels with Kids in The Fab Kitchen with Fabiana Arrastia (produced by parentearth; recipe here)

    Vegan MoFo 2010 logo banner

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