"Spicy" Three Bean Soup,* Redux

November 29th, 2010 7:26 pm by mad mags

On Friday, I cooked up a massive, steaming pot of my all-time favorite soup – “Spicy” Three Bean Soup* – letting it simmer and marinate throughout the day, checking in occasionally during the start of my weekend-long CriFSMas decorating marathon. (Pictures of the deliciousness thus far!) After a long day spent cursing the x-mas tree lights (3 out of 4 strands were on the fritz, each dying in the exact same place – imagine that!), a warm bowl of comfort food was, well, comforting amazon prime gekaufte videos downloaden. Bonus: the dishes were the husband’s problem.

Looking back on the original recipe – which I blogged almost three years ago to the day! – I realized what a frakking mess it is. Like, why on earth did I feel the need to write a novella-length backstory – in the body of the recipe itself qgis karten herunterladen? 2007 Kelly boggles 2010 Kelly’s mind. It’s no wonder I never make this soup the same way twice. No more! What follows is a cleaned-up version of the recipe, complete with suggested modifications listed separately at the end.

Feel free to share your own, mkay?

“Spicy” Three Bean Soup,* Redux

2010-11-26 - Three Bean Soup - 0026

“Spicy” Three Bean Soup: with a deep red, tomato-vegetable broth, and lots of veggies chunks, including four types of beans, Italian cut green beans, white potatoes and carrots free car racing. In the background: a bag of extremely nom-worthy, store-bought VEGAN breadsticks. Now that I’m hooked, it’ll be a few short months before they add whey or honey, just you wait and see!


Broth & Spices
3/4 cups olive oil
5 tablespoons minced garlic
1 onion, finely diced (I used a food processor)
46 ounces of tomato-vegetable juice cocktail + extra to taste
1 cup red wine
12 cups water
6 cubes vegetable bouillon
6 tablespoons brown sugar
5 teaspoons dried thyme (I use a mix of ground and “whole” (?) thyme)
2 teaspoons garlic powder
2 teaspoons onion powder
sea salt to taste

1 can of black beans
1 can of dark red kidney beans
1 can light red kidney beans
1 can of cannellini beans
4 cups chopped carrots
2 large white potatoes, cubed
2 cans green beans
2 cups pasta shells (or small pasta of your choice; optional)


(The six-hour slow cooking method.)

1 herunterladen. In a large pot, bring 3/4 cup olive oil to a medium heat. Add the minced garlic and diced onion and cook on medium until golden brown.

2. Add the vegetable juice cocktail, red wine, water, vegetable bouillon and spices. Cook, covered on high, until the soup come to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and remove cover. Mix the soup with a whisk until the bouillon has dissolved thoroughly herunterladen. Add extra spices to taste.

3. Once you’ve seasoned the broth to your liking, add the canned beans. Cook, covered on medium low, for two hours, stirring every half hour or so.

4. Add the cubed potatoes and chopped carrots (these should be cut to roughly equal sizes). Cook, covered on medium low, for another hour.

5 bilder von internetseiten downloaden. Add the green beans. Continue to cook, covered on medium low, for yet another hour.

6. Once you’re almost ready to eat, add the pasta shells. Cook on medium until the pasta reaches the desired consistency.

7. Remove the pot from heat and keep covered. Serve the soup hot with fresh bread, warm breadsticks, or water crackers windows 7 homeen.

2010-11-26 - Three Bean Soup - 0035

Kaylee covets our dinner (even though she just finished up her own).

Suggested Modifications

* To cook this soup in an hour and a half rather than the six hours described above, combine steps 3 through 5, adding all the vegetables at once, and cooking on medium/high for about an hour before mixing in the pasta. Remember to stir often!

* This recipe makes a medium-chunky soup with a decent amount of broth. For an even chunkier soup, add additional vegetables. For a lighter soup with more broth, omit some of the vegetables (the beans in particular) or pasta (as it absorbs the liquid).

Note: The soup will become considerably chunkier after sitting in the fridge for a few hours. When heating leftovers, you may want to add a little water to taste.

* The recipe calls for 46 ounces of vegetable juice, which is a standard size for canned juices. Make sure you have an extra can on hand when making the recipe, in case you want to add any extra veggie juice to taste!

Note: If you don’t have extra vegetable juice, you may want to add the wine and water a little bit at a time to taste.

* I’ve placed “spicy” in scare quotes because this dish – like the one on which it’s based – isn’t at all spicy, even to my wimpy palate. For a spicier soup, add some cayenne or red pepper flakes – or even a fresh, finely diced jalapeño or two!

* Likewise, this soup actually contains four different kinds of beans vs. the original three, but hey – that’s easily changed, too! Hint: the light red kidney beans are the interlopers here.

2010-11-26 - Three Bean Soup - 0029

“Spicy” Three Bean Soup, about to Get. In. Mai. Bellay!

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