veganmofo iv leftovers: frozen feasts, hot chocolate, criFSMas fun & assorted mofo miscellany

November 30th, 2010 11:17 pm by mad mags

I had hoped to feature reviews of Sistah Vegan, Eaarth and Diet for a Hot Planet in the final days of VeganMoFo IV, but…no such luck! Between holiday decorating, dog pampering and workworkwork, I didn’t quite accomplish all of my mofo goals. That’s okay, though; there’s always tomorrow, yes?

Until then, I have plenty of “leftovers” to share. Cue: all the mofo miscellany that passed under the radar…until now!

  • Frozen Thanksgiving Feasts

    Yes, the husband and I really did have frozen Tofurky pizza and apple pie for Thanksgiving! Neither of us was in the mood to cook, so this plan worked out nicely. Instead of spending the day toiling in the kitchen, I slept in, did some yoga, hung out with the dogs and read a few chapters of The Vegan Revolution… with Zombies. At night, we caught up on The Walking Dead (awesomeness!) and finished off the last three episodes of Battlestar Galactica (waaaay better than Lost‘s final, convoluted season!).

    2010-11-25 - Tofurky Pizza - 0004

    A Tofurky Cheese Pizza with extra toppings, namely Lightlife Smart Pepperoni, black olives and sundried tomatoes mediathekview kostenlos downloaden. One pizza is roughly the size of my dinner plate.

    I’ve seen a number of vegan bloggers review the newish frozen Tofurky pizzas this month, with mixed results. Personally, I like ’em; so far I’ve tried both the plain cheese and sausage varieties, and I’d nom on either of them again. The crust, though definitely on the thin side, crisps up nicely when baked. Eaten on its own, I found the sausage to be a little spicy for my tastes, but this is tempered by the crust, sauce and cheese. And of course you can’t go wrong with Daiya!

    On the downside, these pizzas are definitely pricey. I’m trapped under a dog at the moment and thus unable to dig up the necessary receipts, but I think they cost upwards of $7 each at Whole Foods. According to the packaging, each pizza is supposed to serve two people, but, um, not so much. The husband and I can easily polish off a pizza apiece, with plenty of room left for dessert.

    2010-11-25 - Apple Pie - 0002

    For dessert: apple pie topped with a copious amount of vanilla So Delicious ice cream garmin forerunner 235 trainingsplan herunterladen.
    Quoth the husband: “You gonna have some pie with that ice cream?”

    (Apple pie with vanilla So delicious, can I get a hells yes!)

    At best, they make for a nice luxury purchase – but unless it’s a special occasion, I’ll stick to my homemade pita pizzas, thankyouverymuch.

  • Hot Chocolate with Dandies

    I found myself craving a mug of hot chocolate like a mofo a few weekends ago, and this was the result:

    2010-11-20 - Hot Chocolate - 0002

    Hot chocolate topped with Dandies, served in a cute-but-not-a-little-weird (like, what’s with the dog’s expression?) and only-slightly-oversized dachshund mug.

    Following the directions provided on the package of cocoa powder I used, this was easy to make: simply combine the soy milk, water, sugar and cocoa powder in a saucepan and bring to a boil; remove from heat and top with marshmallows to garnish. Naturally, I went a bit overboard with the Dandies – I added a handful to the hot chocolate while it was still heating on the stovetop, and then some more once I’d poured it into my mug – so much so that the hot chocolate started to thicken into a pudding-like consistency as it cooled.

    At which point, I had a revelation: this would make a kickass batch of ice cream! No arrowroot slurry necessary.

  • Lick It!

    Speaking of ice cream, I am now the happy owner of not one, not two, but three ice cream cookbooks!

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0034

    Lick It auto simulator games for free full version! Creamy Dreamy Vegan Ice Creams Your Mouth Will Love by Cathe Olson (2009).

    I won a copy of Cathe Olson’s Lick It! in a veganmofo giveaway hosted by I Eat Trees and sponsored by the Book Publishing Company. At first glance, I think I might like this book even better than The Vegan Scoop; recipe configurations run the gamut, and the dishes go well beyond “just” ice cream, with popsicles, sorbets, sherbets, floats, and even novelty treats (such as Drumsticks) featured as well. I can’t wait to dig in, freezing temps and snow flurries be damned! Look for a review next mofo, kay?

    Thanks, Keri!

  • criFSMas Decorating

    So, you might be wondering why I photographed my copy of Lick It! amidst a backdrop of gold tinsel and doubloons. That’s ’cause it arrived just in time to be incorporated into my criFSMas decorating!

    For those not in the know, criFSMas (or FSMas for short) is my own heathen, vegan, pasta- and pirate-loving version of Christmas. Being grumpy old secular atheists and all, the husband and I feel a little strange celebrating Christmas as it’s traditionally/popularly imagined word as a student. Not wanting to give up on the holiday altogether – really, there aren’t many American holidays that I don’t have some sort of issue with (Halloween excepted) and if I abandoned them all, I’d be an even grumpier atheist indeed – we decided to reinvent it instead. We tried celebrating Festivus at first, but since there isn’t a whole lot of doctrine surrounding the holiday – and that which does exist is rather miserable – we quickly abandoned the idea, instead opting for criFSMas.

    Based on the teachings of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (specifically, the vegan-feminist sect, of which I may very well be the only member), criFSMas is all about pasta and pirates. Pasta because that’s the stuff of Her Noodleyness, and pirates because their decline is correlated with global warming.

    (Note to Leonardo DiCaprio: want to save the planet? Go film some pirate movies, mkay? May I suggest a Serenity sequel? BUT NOT WITHOUT JOSS WHEDON. Seriously, I will smite your ass if you try it.)

    Anyhow, I finished most of our holiday decorating over the weekend. The goal is to get it done ASAP after Thanksgiving, so we can get a head start on the holiday cards ds spiele für r4 karte kostenlos downloaden. (Between photographing the dogs in their pirate/chef/Santa/reindeer swag, designing the cards, and cajoling Sam’s into printing them correctly, this can be a rather complicated and lengthy process, so best to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.) After a weekend marathon decorating session, I’m at least 80% finished.

    Check it:

    2010-11-28 - FSMas Decorations - 0003

    The “pirate altar” in our front window features a mix of relevant books, framed flying spaghetti monster photos, pirate accessories, pasta decor, gold tinsel and doubloons, and sparkly flying spaghetti monsters.

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0004

    A closer look at book collection #1, which consists of vegan/vegetarian/Italian cookbooks (including Lick It!) and – of course – a copy of The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The winter bear cookie jar propping them up will soon be sporting a black, skull and bones eyepatch, just as soon as I unearth it in the 15+ boxes of holiday decorations stashed in the spare closet.

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0009

    Adorned with an adorable skull, this pirate knife is perfect for breaking vegan bread! Red bows complement the color palette.

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0011

    Displayed in a frame decorated with pasta (garden rotini and farfalle, to be exact), this photo of the Flying Spaghetti Monster depicts her Noodleyness spreading the saucy word youtube videos downloaden vlc. A skull-topped pirate’s chest, filled to overflowing with gold coins, sits off to the right.

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0018

    The queen of the festivities, this burgundy criFSMas bear pirate rests on her perch of (mostly) vegan/vegetarian cookbooks. Note the pirate hat, dreadlocks and swanky golden pipe cleaner hook!

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0024

    A closeup shot of the pirate altar’s main book pile. Most of the cookbooks are vegan or vegetarian, save for a few of the larger tomes at the bottom of the stack. These are from my pre-veg days and are included strictly for the added height they provide.

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0012

    In another macaroni-lined photo, a flying spaghetti monster is shown visiting a crucified Jesus. Probably she comforted him with vegan mac & cheese in his time of need. Daiya is divine, is it not? A glass Christmas tree filled with garden rotini sits off to the side.

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0026

    Book pile #3 is the pirate collection stemmen voor tomtom gratis downloaden. On this too-small stack sits a portrait of our FSM as painted by Edvard Munch. A baby monster hovers above, admiring the portrait approvingly.

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0037

    One of many festive, sparkly holiday flying spaghetti monsters that haunts my heathen home ’round the holidays. Learn how to summon your own monsters using nothing but pipe cleaners, poms and googly eyes here.

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0058

    A baby spaghetti monster shown in her natural pirate hat habitat. So cute! And she’s even got an extra set of balls! Perhaps she’d be willing to loan a set to President Obama?

    2010-11-28 - FSMas Decorations - 0031

    The filing cabinet in our office is adorned with a number of (mostly) homemade magnets. These include photos of the flying spaghetti monster, Captain Jack Sparrow, and the crew of the Serenity (SPACE PIRATES!), all found ’round the internets, as well as past holiday cards wie kann ich bilder für whatsapp herunterladen. On top of the cabinet you can see the adorable-yet-pitiable Charlie Brown tree my mom gifted us last year; under it sits stuffed holiday Hello Kitty and Pochacco dolls. (Did you know that Pochacco is, in point o’ facts, A VEGETARIAN!? Neither did I, ’til about ten seconds ago.)

    2010-11-29 - FSMas Decorations - 0047

    The fridge is also home to a number of DIY magnets.
    You can find instructions for making your own here.

    Unfortunately, we’re still working on the tree; naturally, the lights wonked out on us, so we had to abandon ship until we’re able to hunt down some all-red lights (which are not available locally in rural MO, apparently). Red ’cause the tree is decorated like a plate of pasta with red sauce and soy balls! But wait, I’ve said too much! I’ll share some more criFSMas photos when I have ’em. In the meantime, check out past year’s decorations here.

  • Your Semi-regular One-eyed Wiener Dog Update

    Last but by no means least, a Ralphie update! We got the results on his severed eye back last week, and the news is good – the melanoma was not cancerous! Yay Ralphie! He was just at the vet’s office yesterday to have his stitches out, and everything looks good download files from homepage. His next follow-up is in nine months, to monitor the vision in his one remaining eye.

    2010-11-29 - Ralphie - 0001

    Although…there’s still an awful lot of extra skin, protruding to and fro in the spot where his eyelids were sewn shut. I wonder if that will ever even out? Not that I’m complaining; he just looks kind of comically lopsided, is all. That, and he’s perpetually winking at you.

    The old boy has pretty much received constant pampering since the surgery, and the other dogs are Not. Happy. about it.

    Funny story: I took them all walking in sets of two on Sunday. Ralphie and Rennie were up first, and when it became apparent to Peedee that he wasn’t one of the chosen few, he suddenly developed a leg injury so severe that he could barely walk. Like, he had one of his back legs extended out behind him and was hopping around on the remaining three legs. It was so comically dramatic and over the top; nothing subtle about it. And it vanished just as quickly as it appeared: once I returned with Ralphie and Rennie and grabbed Peedee and Jayne’s harnesses, suddenly he was tearing ass around the house on all fours herunterladen. We ended up walking around the park for upwards of an hour with nary a sign of a limp or lingering injury.

    Such an evil genius, that one. Next thing you know, he’ll be poking his own eye out on a doorstop or something.

    Well, that’s all I’ve got. See you mofos on the flip side!

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    1. Molly Says:

      I’m so glad to hear that the melanoma wasn’t cancerous! Too cute about Peedee- lol.

      This was a really great post and I loved seeing all of the decorations. We’ve had the Tofurky plain cheese pizza and liked it, but like you, we’ll only buy it if it’s on sale. I think our co-op has it for $8- ouch!

    2. Shannon (Vegan Burnout) Says:

      I love this! Perhaps one of these years, our half-heathen (guess which half?!) household will observe FSMas in such fine style.

    3. Elisabeth Says:

      I love the pizza and the hot chocolate! I am happy that your doggie does not have a cancer.

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