Merry criFSMas, y’all!

December 24th, 2010 2:06 pm by Kelly Garbato

The beauty of a made-up holiday? You can celebrate it any old damn time you want! Traditionally (as in, for the past four years), the husband and I have observed criFSMas on December 24th. Given that I spend much of Christmas Day proper on the phone with far-flung loved ones, it’s just more practical that way. My criFSMas lasagna and mozzarella sticks will wait for no one! (Don’t worry, plenty of food blogging forthcoming.)

For this year’s criFSMas cards, we decided to go with a “pasta and peace” theme. (We aim to put the PASTA back in PASTAfarian here at the Garbato-Brady house, yo! That, and my “domestic terrorist” idea didn’t quite pan out.) Because he’s had a rough year, Ralphie was the obvious choice of cover model. Not to mention, one eye? Totally fits with the pirate side of flying spaghetti monsterism. As per usual, I couldn’t resist creating “outtakes” for each of the dogs. They’re all just so freaking cute, you know? (Rhetorical question; you best say yes!)


2010 FSMas Card - Ralphie (shot his eye out)

The “official” 2010 Garbato-Brady criFSMas card.
– Ralphie –
Wishing you peace & pasta this holiday season!

2010 FSMas Card Message Labels (single panel)

Because years spent on the internets have forever ruined my penmanship,
I design and print message labels to affix to the back of each card.
This year’s greeting reads:
Happy Holidays! With love (& lasagna),
The Garbato-Bradys:
Kelly, Shane, Peedee, O-Ren, Kaylee, Jayne, Ozzy & Ralphie
“you’ll shoot your eye out, kid,” the one-eyed cover dog

2010 FSMas Card Outtakes - Peedee

– Peedee –
May your plate overflow with compassion & campanelle.

2010 FSMas Card Outtakes - O-Ren

– O-Ren –
May love & lasagna warm your belly on a cold winter’s night.

2010 FSMas Card Outtakes - Kaylee

– Kaylee –
May your heart be filled with joy & gemelli, today and always.

2010 FSMas Card Outtakes - Jayne

– Jayne –
May you find friendship & fusilli this criFSMas season!

Whatever you celebrate, season’s greetings and wishes of peace from all of us to you and yours!

I’ll leave you with this Christmas Manger / Vegan Silent Night video from Bea Elliott. While I’m not exactly a religious person (in the understatement of the year), I find it a bittersweet description of the conflicting feelings I – and many vegans, no doubt – oftentimes experience around the holiday season.

Peace to all; and to all, a good life.

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